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All my friends seem to know a lot about football. I’m an American male in my mid-thirties, and I know almost nothing about the game, and what I have learned, I’ve picked up what I do know playing Madden on my X-box.

But I’d like to understand football; in fact, I’d even like to understand the game well enough to be a fan.

So I asked my football fan friends to put together some beginner tutorial type stuff about the game of football so I could learn while publishing a website about the subject too. Since then, the project has expanded somewhat to include all kinds of football info, from fantasy football tips to flag football plays that aren’t so basic, so I guess Football Babble has something for every kind of football fan.

Still, the original idea was to have a website which covers the basics, so why don’t we start with the fundamentals of the game.

Some VERY Basic Information About Football

American Football - Minnesota Vikings PostersFootball in the USA is a competitive team sport that is considered probably the most popular sport in existence. Football is a game of ground acquisition and field position, and the object of the game is to score points by advancing the football from one end of the field to the other. If you cross the goal line, you score points.

Soccer is referred to as football in other countries, but American football is usually referred to as gridiron football in order to differentiate it. What the World Cup is everywhere else in the world, the Super Bowl is here in America.

American football is almost exclusively played by men and boys. On our Football University page, you can learn all the small minority of women who play football, too.

About Us

Football Site - Oakland Raiders PostersThis site is about the game of football in America, and it’s written for those novices like myself. If you know a lot about football already, then this might not be the right place to learn more about it. But my buddies who’ve assembled this content know their stuff and regularly win fantasy football competitions, so I’ve got a lot of faith in their ability to offer fantasy football tips and fantasy football strategies that even an old football fan might find useful.

If you like football, you’ll probably find something you like on here.

I’ve loved reading the pages about NFL football team mascots and football movies, and I never had any idea that flag football was so complicated.

We even have a little bit of information about fantasy football, too. I played fantasy football one year, but my team was terrible and I had no idea what I was doing. Don’t worry, though; our fantasy football toolbox page wasn’t written by me, but by people who have been playing for 15 or 20 years.

New Football Material

We’ve added several new features to Football Babble. One is a list of football terms, which hopefully will expand into a football dictionary. The second is a list of fantasy football players and what their prospects look like for the upcoming 2008 fantasy football season.

Occasionally, we might even drop a link to an article we like. I got a kick out of this little piece on the “hottest” NFL players by some football widow somewhere. Poor woman is so neglected during the football season that she wrote a list of NFL players to date. That’s the dedication you want to see in a NFL fan.

Please note that we can’t be held responsible for any errors or unclear facts presented on this site. The site is intended to be used for educational and informational purposes only.

Contact Us

If you’d like to reach us to discuss football, advertising, or any other website related stuff, please send an email to keystone.creative AT

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