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Brett Favre Signs With Vikings

Brett Favre Joining the 2009 Minnesota Vikings

According to sources, Brett Favre will sign with the Minnesota Vikings as early as today (August 18) to be their starting quarterback for 2009. Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, has confirmed that a signing is imminant. Vikings Coach Brad Childress, when asked if Brett Favre would sign today, replied that he would “in a perfect world”.

So there it is. After all the speculation in the media and flirtation on cellphones, Brett Favre will be wearing purple. The tv networks should kick in a few million for Favre’s contract, as much mileage as they’re going to get out of all this mess.

But will Brett Favre be the answer in Minnesota?

Let’s analyze.

Brett Favre’s Recovery

I’m assuming, if Brett Favre is ready to sign with the Minnesota Vikings, the arm pain is practically gone from his arm surgery nearly three months ago. If so, then Favre might well have arm strength approaching what he had before the injury in 2008 with the Jets.

Keep in mind the New York Jets were 8-3 and appeared to be cruising towards the playoffs before Favre got hurt. While Brett Favre wasn’t throwing touchdowns at a clip like he had 10 years before (besides the one 6-TD game), Favre had been an asset for the Jets to that point. In the game that put the Jets at 8-3, Brett Favre had led his team up and down the field, defeating the New England Patriots in a Thursday night shootout.

You got the idea that Brett Favre still “had it”, but Eric Mangini’s more conservative play calling was all that was keeping #4 from really cutting loose.

Brett Favre and the Vikings

So if Brett Favre is the same quarterback in 2009 that he was in 2008 before the injury, he could be a major asset for the Minnesota Vikings. Here’s what he brings to the Vikings.

1.Big Play Threat – Brett Favre is in a great situation, where Adrian Peterson gives you the ability to hurt defenses without putting the ball in the air. But that sets up all kinds of play action scenarios. The only problem was, the Vikings in recent years couldn’t execute to many big plays in the passing game off the play action.

Brett Favre should give the team big plays throughout the year. Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin suddenly become a whole lot more dangerous with Favre aboard. Favre will make one of these guys his favorite target and thrown him a lot of balls.

Sure, Favre will throw some killer interceptions. There’s no doubt about that. But he’s in a perfect situation to play on a team where he can let the running game pound the defense, then hit a few big plays over the top to put the opponent behind the eight ball, letting Jared Allen and company get after opposing offenses as they try to play catch up.

That’s a good situation for Brett Favre and a good situation for the Minnesota Vikings.

2. Swagger – The Minnesota Vikings have a chance to beat anyone with Adrian Peterson running the ball and defense anchored by Jared Allen, Kevin Williams and Pat Williams along the front. But a team with Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels at the QB position isn’t likely to have a lot of swagger.

Confidence means a lot in the NFL.Every year, one or two teams get on a roll in the first month of the season and put together magical seasons. Some of that is staying healthy, but a lot rests on confidence. A few teams have swagger and that propels them to big wins.

Opposing teams know they have to account for Brett Favre more than those other QBs. More importantly, the Vikings know they have an edge.

They didn’t have that edge before today.

3. Experience and Leadership – Sure, the Vikings have team leaders already on the team. But they don’t have too many team leaders who have been there and done that. Brett Favre has seen it all in the NFL.

That is a huge factor. Instead of the rest of the team hoping their quarterback knows what he’s doing, hoping he can stand up to the pressure when it’s there, they know their quarterback has got to the ultimate prize in football.

Now you can say that Brett Favre has thrown a lot of balls to the opponents in big games over his career, too. Sure, Favre will mix in a ball that looks like a rookie threw it every once in a while. But Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are likely to do just the same.

Favre has downside like every quarterback, but you have to look where the Vikings were yesterday and see if they’re better off today.

Most of those Vikings players were in junior high when Brett Favre was going to Superbowls, so they see this guy as a living legend. They know he’s been there and they expect him to show them the way. He walks into the locker room and is instantly a team leader with knowledge and experience of how it’s done.

Experience matters in the NFL.

The Big If With Brett Favre

So Brett Favre makes the Minnesota Vikings a better team. The big if is whether Brett Favre has hit the wall. Does Brett Favre still have “it”?

At some point, guys just lost it. You’re a world class athlete one day and a 40-year old guy the next. Brett Favre will be on display for all the world to see. That’s why this retirement and unretirement puts a lot on the line for Brett Favre, because if he sucks, this is a lot of fuss over nothing.

This is Brett Favre’s last big chance. This is Brad Childress’s make-or-break year. This should be the Minnesota Vikings year. I’m seeing people predict a Favre-led Vikings squad as the team to beat in the NFC.

So the pressure is on, Brett. Don’t let the Purple Nation down.



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