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Brett Favre Stays Retired

Word just broke that Brett Favre will stay retired in 2009.

After three months of soul-searching, the 39-year old future Hall-of-Fame quarterback has decided it’s time to hang it up for good. Two retirements in 15 months is apparently enough.

Brett Favre cited concerns about being able to weather a 16-game NFL season. Apparently, the pain from Favre’s shoulder surgery in May never subsided, raising real concerns in Brett Favre’s mind that he (and his arm) would be able to hold up over a 5-month season (assuming the Minnesota Vikings have Super Bowl aspirations).

Shoulder Concerns End Brett Favre’s Career

Ironically, it was the shoulder surgery that convinced many onlookers, including myself, that Brett Favre was just playing around and that he would be back in the NFL as the Minnesota Vikings’ starting quarterback on September 13.

But the longer the decision took to make and the more you heard that Brett Favre was wavering despite his possible Vikings teammates texting him to get him to come to Minnesota, the more you had to wonder if something physical and not psychological was at work.

Just Decide Already, Eh?

The only other conclusion was that Brett Favre was being a prima donna, seeking as much attention as he could, building up the anticipation for the announcement that the savior had come to Minnesota.

That obviously wasn’t the case. Brett Favre is nearly 40, and he has the arm pains you would expect from a 40-year old who has started over 250 straight NFL games. So the Minnesota Vikings have to find their savior at quarterback on their current roster.

Back to Sage and Tavaris

Instead, the Minnesota Vikings go into the 2009 NFL Season with their choice of Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels as their potential starter. Given that the Vikings traded for Rosenfels in the offseason, I’m installing Sage Rosenfels as the early favorite to win the starting job.

Rosenfels is a career backup, but he looked good in a spot-starts the last couple of years filling in for Matt Schaub with the Houston Texans (well, he was a productive fantasy quarterback at time, which is a far cry from “looking good” as an NFL qb.)

Driving the Purple Bus

Of course, when you have Adrian Peterson and a solid defense, you aren’t necessarily asking your quarterback to do what Kurt Warner did last year with the Arizona Cardinals.

You’re looking for a bus driver who can hurt teams with a few play-action passes and throw in the occasional big play to help the team, without causing a bunch of turnovers that take AP off the field and put your vaunted defense in a bad position.

Minnesota Vikings – How Bad Is the News?

So many will write the Minnesota Vikings off as possible NFC contenders, because they screwed up locker room chemistry chasing Brett Favre, undermining the leadership positions of Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson, while failing to improve their passing game. But given this crazy NFL these days, I wouldn’t write the Minnesota Vikings off just yet.

Heck, given Brett Favre’s final six weeks in 2008 with the New York Jets and the lingering concerns about his arms, having Brett Favre declare himself retired for 2009 might well be a blessing in disguise.

Farewell and Goodbye, Brett Favre

So it looks like this is the end of the road for Brett Favre in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers front office is probably breathing a collective sign of relief, just to avoid two weeks of uber-hype when the Cheeseheads play the Vikings this year. ESPN is crying in it collective soup, for pretty much the same reason.

But we’ll worry about that later. Now is the time to salute one of the all-time NFL greats.

Farewell, Goodbye and Good Luck in your retirement, Brett Favre!



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