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Brett Favre Decision Coming Friday

According to ESPN and numerous other websites, we might finally have some Brett Favre news soon.

Brett Favre is torn between returning to the Minnesota Vikings and staying in retirement. It seems that key Vikings teammates have been putting the full court press on Favre, via cellphones and texting. Among those lobbying for Brett Favre to sign on with the Vikes are Adrian Peterson, Steve Hutchinson and Jared Allen. In other words, the biggest names on the Minnesota Vikings have been pressuring Favre to make the commitment.

That QB Battle To See Who Backs Up Favre

You might note that neither Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels, the two quarterbacks who were expected to compete for the starting job in Minnesota, have been pushing Favre to sign. That’s the rub, because if Brett Favre doesn’t sign with the team, two months of speculation and anticipation could leave locker room rancor if Favre decides to stay retired. So suddenly, Brett Favre is starting to feel obligated to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

That’s not the kind of commitment you want from a quarterback you expect to lead you to a Super Bowl appearance. You want someone totally committed, totally confident in their ability to stay healthy and be in the pocket for a full 16 game season. Word from the Favre Camp is that Brett Favre still has concerns about his nearly 40-year old body’s ability to stand up to the rigors of a long NFL season. Or maybe he’s concerned about his ability to stand up to the mental rigors of the NFL game and stay totally committed to the Minnesota Vikings throughout 2009.

Putting In Hours in the Film Room

That last part might sound absurd, but retired NFL players talk all the time that it isn’t the game on Sunday they need to prepare mentally for, but all the hard work during the week and in training camp that gets you ready for Sunday’s game. To be an effective NFL quarterback, you have to put in long, long hours of work that nobody sees. At a point, it’s just human to say, “If been doing this for 18 years. I have all the money I could ever need. Why am I here?”

Minnesota Vikings 2009

Of course, I imagine all of that will take care of itself if the Minnesota Vikings have a season like the Green Bay Packers did in 2007. If the Vikings are anywhere close to 13-3, winning two out of three weeks and contending for the best record in the conference, I’m sure that energizes Favre to put in the work. And having the Green Bay Packers in the division won’t hurt, especially if the Pack is anywhere close to contention against the Vikings. But this seems to betray a lack of confidence by Brett Favre that he can be the difference-maker with the Vikings.

Brett Favre Hype

The reports indicate that Brett Favre feels like, with all the hype swirling around his decision, that he couldn’t give it a shot in Vikings training camp, then re-retire if he’s not feeling it in August. It’s all-in or nothing, because of the months of anticipation and the way he’s already retired twice before.

So the pressure grows for Brett Favre to make a decision, while you get the sense he’s has grave doubts about joining the Minnesota Vikings.

A Source Close to Brett Favre…

This pressure is largely the fault of the Brett Favre Camp, along with his media sources. At least once a week the past several months, we’ve been treated to a leak from inside the Favre support staff. While there have been one or two news point about deadlines by the Vikings Coaching Staff, most of these stories were attempts by Brett Favre’s people to keep the Favre Retirement/Un-Retirement in the news, to keep him relevant and maintain Favre’s bargaining power.

Now, Brett Favre is victim of his own peoples’ hype. Well, his hype and the hype of ESPN.

The First Name in Sports Hype

ESPN wants this to happen, because it gives them months of Brett Favre stories. How many times will they be able to lead with Favre in Purple? Training camp, first preseason game, first regular season game, Vikings vs Packers, Vikings vs Packers II, and any number of points in between. Whether Brett Favre has a golden season or fall flats on his face, the national media will have automatic stories to write about.

Football Babble Ignores the Brett Favre Story

And me? I said months ago that I wish I had a spam filter that would filter out all Brett Favre news stories until he makes a decision. I get so sick of the Brett Favre non-news stories, the endless deadlines and ultimatums, when we could be talking about a hundred other great NFL stories.

But I guess I just wrote a blog note about Brett Favre, so I guess I’m part of the problem. At least I’m being topical.

Brett Favre Announces 2009 Plans on Friday

For all those on the edge of their seats, the Brett Favre decision should come tomorrow.



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