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College Football Scores

College football scores in the 21st century are hard to miss anymore, found on the news crawl at the bottom of ESPN and ESPN 2, on the homepage of most sports websites across the country and even sent via satellite for score alerts on your cellphone or iPhone. Finding college scores isn’t a matter of waiting for the post-game recaps anymore, like it was just 20 years ago.

Of course, that also means you can drive yourself to distraction Googling college scores or looking them up on your telecommunications equipment, keeping you tuned out of conversations and driving your wife crazy. It used to be, if you put $50 on the TCU-Boise State Bowl Game, you couldn’t check the score every few minutes, despite being at some social event your wife planned (assuming she plans stuff on the first Monday night of the year).

College Football Scoreboard

At the same time, the college football scoreboard display on your cell phone allows for quick scrolling, so you can find the scores you need with just a glance. The trick is reacting to the scores as they come in, if you’re trying to remain on the sly. Don’t fight it on the ESPN newsfeed, though: the scores are certain to have just gone by when you glance at them. (It just seems like that.) With that in mind, let’s list three do’s and don’t when looking up college football scores in mixed company.

1. Don’t Look at Your Phone During a Conversation

It’s a proven fact that guys cannot multitask as well as women. It has something to do with the part of the brain called the corpus callosum. Guys can concentrate on one thing better than women can, at the expense of not being able to concentrate on several things at once as well as a woman can. Apparently, women are wired to be better (than men) able to cook, listen to three screaming kids and still have a conversation all at the same time. Men, on the other hand, have better concentration for hearing sounds in the woods and tracking down some beast for supper. It all has to do with millenia of gender roles.

The point being, when you are at dinner with your wife and the in-laws and you start fiddling with your cellphone to see the college football scores, it’s going to take away your concentration from the conversation. You aren’t going to be able to carry on an intelligent discussion and everyone is going to know you would rather be someplace else. So save it for after dinner.

2. Don’t Turn to ESPN or ABC When You Have Guests

When your wife has decided to have one of those impromptu Saturday dinner parties the week #1 plays #2, just suck it up and TIVO the event. The DVR lets you record games and play them back where they are “virtually live”. You’ll enjoy the game more and be a better host.

Of course, to make the DVR plan work, you’ll need to make sure you don’t learn the score. Turn off your personal phone. Make sure the guys at the party either do the same or make the game off-limits. If one of these jerks knows this and still brings the game up, you’re well within your rights to demand that person not be invited back next time. Heck, I might even condone you turning the game on at that point. The wife’s guests can’t be trusted not to tell you what happened, so it’s time to go live.

It’s your call, though. You know your wife best.

3. Never Bring Up a Bet

There are few times when bringing up the wager you made on the game is a good idea. Whether you are winning or losing a bet, saying you wagered on the game is not going to look good in mixed company.

Instead, if the games come up and you want to be passionate about Florida losing to Alabama by 20, try to seem like a really passionate fan. Your wife’s friends and family might think you are a little strange to get so bent out of shape about a college football score, but that’s preferable to looking like a degenerate gambler.

Best of all is to steer clear of college football scores altogether. As the old saying goes, don’t let two worlds collide.

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