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Big Ben Hurts His Ankle in Steelers Practice

Ben Roethlisberger injured his ankle on a pass rush by James Harrison in practice today. The extent of the injury is still unknown, but Roethlisberger was able to joke about the collision: “It feels like a car ran over it.”

Of course, Ben Roethlisberger knows how to play in pain, so this shouldn’t be much of a setback – unless x-rays or catscans show major damage. The play happened when Steelers LT Max Starks had trouble handling James Harrison on a pass rush, and appears to have fallen on Ben Roethlisberger’s ankle. Starks said he didn’t know how it happened, but he also said he didn’t hear any popping or snapping noises – which is a good sign.

It looks like this is just a scary moment in one of the waning days of Pittsburgh Steelers training camp. Keep track of this situation the next day or two, if you’re drafting in fantasy football drafts this weekend.

Tom Cable Could Face Felony Charges

Police are collecting evidence and statements from the Oakland Raiders complex in an investigation of Tom Cable’s assault on Raiders assistant, Randy Hanson, as Hanson turned over medical records to the Napa Police Department. As Tom Cable continues to deny he ever punched Hanson, details are emerging about the assault.

Anonymous sources who saw the incident claim that Tom Cable punched Randy Hanson from his blindside as Hanson sat in a Raiders coaches-only meeting, knocking Randy Hanson out of his chairs. The two struggled on the floor of the Oakland complex, and eventually Tom Cable pinned Hanson against the wall. Other Raiders assistants separated the two coaches, as Tom Cable said twice he “would kill” Randy Hanson. Apparently, Tom Cable had to be separated from Hanson a second time after the first incident happened.

At least that’s what happened, according to the anonymous sources. Since I’m sure these leaks would be considered a betrayal if it were known which assistants provided the information to journalists, you can understand why there are anonymous sources in this instance. However you view this incident and whoever is telling the truth, it looks like the Oakland Raiders head coach might be facing felony charges soon. I’m wondering if the police will show up at a Raiders practice to arrest Tom Cable.

Meanwhile, Roger Goodell and the NFL League Office are investigating this incident. Bad, bad move from Tom Cable. He’s the fightingest coach in the NFL, to be sure, but it’s a little cowardly for Cable to sneak up and hit his assistant.

Beanie Wells Fantasy Football News

Beanie Wells aggravated his injured ankle during Tuesday’s practice with the Arizona Cardinals. Chris Wells was only practicing in a limited capacity, so this could be a meaningful setback. Wells’ status for the next Cardinals preseason game was already in doubt.

This preseason injury might affect Chris Wells’ draft status in redraft leagues, since he’s had no chance to play with the 1st team, no chance to get in rhythm and no chance to earn coaches trust. Watch out in redrafts when drafting Beanie Wells. Only take him if he slides.

In dynasty and keeper leagues, I’m starting to worry about Beanie Wells, too. While he’s no doubt a talent on a high-powered NFL offense, Chris Wells hasn’t been able to stay healthy in college or the pros (so far). There are certain players who just can’t stay healthy, and you have to start to wonder if Chris Wells isn’t one of them.



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