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Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson Battle for Browns Starting Job

Eric Mangini still hasn’t declared a winner in the quarterback battle in Cleveland between Brady Quinn and Derrick Anderson. Both quarterbacks have had their moments in camp and each has their reasons they might claim the job, but I’m assuming Brady Quinn has the inside track for two reasons.

  1. Brady Quinn Fits Mangini’s Offensive Style – Brady Quinn has a quarterbacking style that most fits Eric Mangini’s conservative offense. Eric Mangini, at least with the New York Jets, was about dinking and dunking the ball down the field, and his offense required accuracy on the underneath throws more than a strong a
  2. Derrick Anderson, on the other hand, throws the deep ball well, but sometimes throws the ball away when required to make too many consecutive completions in a row. Brady Quinn is considered the more accurate of the two QBs, while Anderson is the big play man. Just remember how that Brett Favre/Eric Mangini marriage ended to know that Mangini and a big-risk, big-reward quarterback might not work.

  3. The Dawgpound Wants Brady Quinn – Brady Quinn is the fan favorite in Cleveland and the Browns fans are solidly in support of Quinn. Brady Quinn is a local product and the Browns love guys with loyalty to the area – such as Bernie Kosar. Also, Derrick Anderson got the nod most of the last two seasons, so the fans pretty much know what they’re getting there.Brady Quinn, on the other hand, has looked good in limited duty, but was unable to stay healthy last year to show what he’s capable of. The fans want to see their 1st round draft pick from a couple of years ago get the chance. The Browns could have a ten-year starter and be sitting him on the bench, so they’re starting to lose patience. Eric Mangini is going to have to have compelling reasons not to start Brady Quinn.

Derek Anderson Stealing Signs

Derek Anderson joked about signaling the Browns Defense offensive play calls in the scrimmage the other night, which touched off a silly blogosphere storm that Anderson was actually doing this. In actuality, Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson both laughed about the joke and appear to be good friends.

Are people getting dumber or just more desperate for attention these days?

No quarterback in the NFL would admit to reporters he’s stealing signs to sabotage his rival, even in the extremely unlikely case he would take that extraordinary step. But people automatically assume Derek Anderson’s going to run to the reporters and report his mastermind plot.

Eric Mangini played the straight man for the media, which is about Bill Belichick former assistants seem to learn from the Patriots head coach. Mangini said he knew of no such signal stealing and/or secret signaling. It would be nice (and smart) for him to laugh off such talk, but I guess that’s just not Eric Mangini.

Anyway, expect Mangini to be real secretive about who his starting QB is right up to the end of training camp, then dutifully select Brady Quinn to be the opening day starter.



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