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Brandon Marshall Trade to the Jets?

Brandon Marshall For David Harris Trade – Broncos and Jets Trade

The Denver Broncos want the New York Jets’ 3rd-year linebacker in exchange for Brandon Marshall, according to a couple of sources out of New York City on Wednesday. The Broncos suspended Brandon Marshall for the remainder of the preseason last week, after Marshall’s filmed insubordination at a practice after being placed on the Denver Scout Team.

David Harris IDP Player

Those who play in IDP Leagues know about David Harris, who posted 127 tackles (90 solo tackles) and 5 sacks in 2007. David Harris was less effective for the Jets last year, when he collected 75 tackles (52 solo tackles) and 1 sack in 2008, after missing five full games and most of a sixth game due to injury in November.

Still, the young linebacker from Michigan, who was taken in the 2nd round by the New York Jets during the Eric Mangini Era, is ideally suited for the Patriots style 3-4 Defense that both Eric Mangini and Josh McDaniels want to implement.

David Harris – Star Jets Linebacker

Unless Rex Ryan doesn’t think David Harris is suited to his blitzing style defense – and there’s no indication that’s the case – I have a hard time believing the New York Jets would part with their defensive playcaller a week before the regular season. Teams in this situation almost always trade for a package of draft picks for the next year – not star players on the other team.

I’m guessing the New York Jets will refuse such a trade request and then one or two things will happen. Either the Jets-Broncos trade discussions for Brandon Marshall will end, or the Broncos will realize that the Jets are in a position of strength and agree to take draft pick compensation (with perhaps a non-starter or two thrown into the package).

David Harris Fantasy Outlook 2009

If David Harris goes to the Denver Broncos, that might actually help his fantasy value in the short term. The Denver Broncos kept going through linebackers last year, but each one of them was productive for their short stretches as starters: lesser known guys like Nate Webster, Jamie Winborn, Niko Koutouvides each had good games. The reason is that the Denver Broncos were awful against the run and everyone in the NFL knew it.

So every Denver Broncos opponent tried to run the ball down the Broncos’ collective throats. That meant lots of tackles for Broncos LBs.

NFL teams are likely to try the Broncos run defense early again this year, so David Harris would probably get more chances to make tackles in Denver than he did in New York. Of course, that’s unlikely to happen.

Brandon Marshall Fantasy Outlook 2009

Brandon Marshall, on the other hand, is an extremely talented receiver, so he should produce wherever he goes. If he went to the New York Jets, it might take some time to coordinate with the Mark Sanchez or Kellen Clemens, but he would eventually produce.

Whether he’s suspended by the Broncos and/or on the bench or he’s traded to a team like the New York Jets, you need to bump down his numbers for 2009.

If you have Brandon Marshall in a keeper or dynasty league, he’s young and now’s the time to get Brandon Marshall at a discount – kind of like what the New York Jets are thinking.



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