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Brett Favre Changes His Mind…Again

We might not be free of the Brett Favre Retirement Curse just yet. According to Jay Glazier, Brett Favre is likely to return to the NFL and play for the Minnesota Vikings once preseason is over with. I know this sounds like a cruel joke, but I’m not making this up. At this point, Brett Favre is like one of those villains in the slasher movies, who simply refuses to stay dead.

Don’t get me wrong.

I have Brad Childress as a head coach in a keeper league (yeah, we start coaches, too), so I’m sure Brett Favre increases my 28th round keeper’s value. But after two full offseasons of this nonsense, I’m just sick and tired of hearing about whether Brett Favre will play or won’t play.

Brett Favre’s Legacy

Last year, I scoffed at the notion that Favre’s indecisiveness about retirement would hurt his legacy, but I’m not sure anymore. Mention Brett Favre to me and I don’t think about the 3 MVPs or the Super Bowl championship or the consecutive game streak or all the passing records. I think of that guy who is so desperate for attention that he and his people release every few days some statement about whether he will or whether he won’t return to the NFL. I’m sick of it.

So there you have it.

Brett Favre to Join Vikings?

Apparently, the Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre may have some secret agreement that he joins the Vikings after training camp, according to sources. I’m not sure about the “secret agreement”, since that’s sure to piss off Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson.

But given that both Rosenfels and Tarvaris have been hurt in the preseason, I imagine the Vikings gauged interest again and Brett Favre thought, “Great, I get to play for the Vikes and don’t have to go to a training camp.” Win-win. Except for the beleaguered fantasy football fans who want sports news sources like ESPN to report about players already in the NFL.



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