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Fantasy Football Projections 2010

Fantasy Football Projections 2010

Fantasy football league owners use projections to determine their draft order — the order in which they want to draft players.

Fantasy Football Projections

Fantasy football owners will prepare for the draft in a variety of ways. The more meticulous owners will prepare four or five different “draft plans” depending on different conditions, such as pick order, and superstar players that may or may not be drafted before they have a chance to be picked. You might, for instance, prepare five different “first round” pick plans, or make ten different lists for ten different possible draft orders.

Fantasy football projections are published all over the place, from fantasy magazines and websites to fantasy football member forums and even on people’s Facebook pages. No matter how much experience a “fantasy football expert” may have, it isn’t possible for them to know exactly how good a fantasy player Brett Favre is going to be, or how many rushing TDs Adrian Peterson will have. That’s why you have to do your own research and work out your own fantasy projection lists.

Here’s my own list from my recent 2010 fantasy football draft. Each roster category is represented by three different picks for three different scenarios, and a “sleeper” pick that’s meant to shock the other owners in my league.


1. Aaron Rodgers – An awesome preseason means Rodgers is still at the top of his game.

2. Peyton Manning – Why this guy isn’t at the top of my list has more to do with Rodgers’ numbers than Manning’s ability.

3. Drew Brees – If anything should happen to Reggie Bush early in the season, Brees will throw more passes and earn a ton of fantasy points.

sleeper — Seneca Wallace. Jake Delhomme will be awful this season, and probably quick to be injured. Wallace is the obvious backup choice, and will see lots of PT.


1. Chris Johnson – There’s nothing remotely unusual about my top three RBs. These guys get it done. Johnson is the sixth running back in history to earn more than 2,000 yards. Take him first.

2. Frank Gore – Gore had more TDs last year than ever before, and he looks to continue that trend.

3. Adrian Peterson – Don’t worry about his fumbling problem, concentrate on those 18 TDs he had last year, and the 20 he could have this season.

sleeper – Tim Hightower. Since Hightower has great receiving skills as well, he may be worth a look in the second round of your draft. Great backup for a stud like Johnson or Gore.


1. Wes Welker – Can’t go wrong with a receiver coached by Mike Leach of the bombastic Texas Tech passing attack.

2. Marques Colston – Drew Brees’ number one WR should not be overlooked early in the season against a weak secondary.

3. Randy Moss – He has to be on any fantasy owner’s WR top three list, even if he’s getting old and his hands aren’t as good as they once were.

sleeper – Hakeem Nicks. Last season’s 6 TDs and 800 yards receiving look to be small potatoes for this preseason monster.


1. Antonio Gates – Coming off a surprisingly low 8 TD season, Gates should be jumping at the bit to prove his worth to his offense this year.

2. Dallas Clark – 10 TDs in 2009 was a great mark, but I expect Clark to end up as one of the top two TEs again this year with even more TDs.

3. Jason Whitten – Whitten’s success depends upon the Cowboy’s ability to not fall apart from all the hype.

sleeper – Todd Heap. Yeah, he’s older now and he won’t put up the big numbers that he used to. But Heap is in something of a comeback, scoring back to back two touchdown games last season.


1. Mason Crosby – Don’t know why. Just got a feeling about this kid. Pick him.

2. Nate Kaeding – The best kicker in the league, bar none. His team has a high powered passing attack that should put Kaeding in position to score lots of points for your fantasy team.

3. Ryan Longwell – Longwell plays in the Metrodome, always a productive venue for fantasy kickers.

sleeper – Dan Carpenter. Young Carpenter impressed scouts enough in college to have him drafted relatively high for a kicker.


1. Minnesota – They led the league last season with 48 sacks. They look to dominate that stat again. The Vikings were 6th overall in points allowed, with only one defensive TD all season.

2. Green Bay – In the top 5 in fantasy football defense for two years in a row, look for the Pack to add on a third.

3. NY Jets – They need more big play opportunities, but they have a stifling defensive front.

sleeper – Atlanta Falcons. Yeah, they were awful last season, but lots of offseasons activity took place to change all that. If you can’t get one of your top three, go for Atlanta.



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