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We continue our coverage of fantasy football news from NFL camps with a look at three new teams we haven’t discussed much this year: the New Orleans Saints, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. The Saints are a fantasy juggernaut, while the Raiders and Seahawks were forgotten NFL outposts last year.

It can’t all be about the 1st round of fantasy drafts. Let’s see if that remains the same in fantasy football season 2009.

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Football News

Fantasy football owners should take note of the early stories out of New Orleans Saints camps. Both Reggie Bush and Marques Colston are said to be 100% healthy after offseason microfracture surgery.

Even 5 years ago, microfracture surgery was considered possibly career threatening. But medical science has advanced in those years, especially with tens of millions of dollars on the line and plenty of football players to experiment on. Both Marques Colston and Reggie Bush are expected to make full recoveries, though that doesn’t mean they won’t have all-new injuries by midseason.

On a lesser note, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton says that Robert Meachem is finally ready to contribute in his 3rd NFL season. Robert Meachem was the fast, talented 1st round wide receiver selection from the Saints two years ago, but his inability to learn the New Orleans Saints playbook has kept him from making any real contribution.

After a decent preseason in 2008 and a couple of early games where Robert Meachem made big plays, Meachem once again went to the bench in 2008 after Lance Moore emerged as the Saints #2 receiver opposite Marques Colston. Even when Colston got hurt later in the year, Robert Meachem couldn’t get on the field.

Don’t expect Meachem to be anything more than the Saints #3 receiver unless injury strikes, but if you’re a fan of the “3rd year receiver breakout” theory and you either think Marques Colston is an injury risk or Lance Moore isn’t the real deal, I suppose you could do worse than taking a 20th rounder on a former #1 draft pick wideout in his third year with Drew Brees throwing him the ball. Lance Moore had offseason shoulder surgery by the way, but has avoided going on the PUP List so far. Stay tuned for Lance Moore injury news.

Oakland Raiders Fantasy Football News

Fantasy owners in keeper leagues (dynasty leagues, at least) have to be shaking their heads if they ever spent a pick on former overall #1 NFL Draft pick Jamarcus Russell, who is once again showing up to Oakland Raiders training camp out of shape. How does a guy, when he’s 24 and his livelihood involves staying in shape, how does a guy let himself get out of shape? That’s someone who got their money and is happy to just hang onto a job. Good job, Raiders. Jamarcus Russell remarked on being out of shape, saying at least he wasn’t “300 pounds” like reporters reported last year. Of course, anyone drafting Oakland Raiders as serious fantasy football picks deserve what they get. If you want to be successful, don’t do anything that Crazy Old Al Davis does.

Speaking of the Oakland Raiders, Darren McFadden has proclaimed himself free of the injuries (turf toes) that slowed him down most of last year. Darren McFadden had a 170-game the week before his first turf toe hit, so he’s shown the potential to translate his college talents to the NFL. The Raiders are going to need a monster year from McFadden, given their young quarterback is already being whispered by some to be a bust.

Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football News

USA Today actually listed Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett as possible sleeper picks at running back this year, citing the Seahawks have one of the easiest schedules against run defenses in 2009. Others on that list were Chris “Beanie” Wells (injured currently) and Clinton Portis, who had the easiest schedule against run defense – once again, according to USA Today.

I’m not sure that an easy schedule is enough to get me to give more than a mid-round pick on Julius Jones (after all the other RBs are off the board), but you might remember that easy schedule factoid if you’re really desperate for a runner come the middle rounds of your draft this year.

For what it’s worth, the Seattle Seahawks GM, Tim Ruskell, has been quoted as saying Julius Jones will get the bulk of the carries. TJ Duckett might wolf goal line touches. You might remember that the Jim More led Atlanta Falcons always had a stout running attack, so that’s one more reason Julius Jones might not be a bad pick in the 9th to 11th rounds. Don’t make him a centerpiece of your draft, though. (You already knew that, I’m guessing, but you might be drinking on draft day and forget, so I’ve repeated it to drive home the fact.)



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