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Eli Manning a $100,000,000 Player

Eli Manning just signed a 7-year contract with $106 million with the New York Giants, locking the Super Bowl Champion QB up for the better part of his NFL career. Eli Manning now makes just under $1 million per NFL start. Wow!

I like Eli Manning and I know it means a lot that a QB leads a team to a Super Bowl victory, but I just don’t see Eli as a hundred-million-dollar player.

Andrew Walter Signs with New England Patriots

The New England Patriots decided to sign Andrew Walter and reunite that Walter-to-Moss Combo that was such a big splash in Oakland. All joking aside, there’s a chance Andrew Walter becomes Tom Brady’s backup in New England – giving him fantasy football potential. We all laughed when Matt Cassell took the field last year.

The Patriots waived Matt Gutierrez to sign Andrew Walter. You might remember that some Patriots fans expected Gutierrez, who apparently looked better than Matt Cassell in preseason last year, to be the starter over Cassell at the time of Brady’s injury. This might indicate that Bill Belichick actually is considering Walter to be a viable backup option.

My impressions of Walter were that he was big, had a big arm and was clumsy: pretty much the Oakland Raiders prerequisites for a quarterback these days. Still, playing for the Oakland Raiders is going to show the worst side of any player, so maybe there’s something salvageable here.

Percy Harvin Signs with the Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings signed their 1st round selection, Percy Harvin, and he is now in Vikes Camp. Vikings Coach Brad Childress has said he expects Percy Harvin to be moved all over the team’s offense. In his first practice, the Minnesota Vikings staff had Percy Harvin fielding kicking, playing the slot receiver position, splitting out wide and even taking handoffs from the backfield (as Harvin often did in the Florida Gators title-winning offense).

It appears that Percy Harvin will be a wildcat back for the Vikings, if they ever choose to play in that alignment. Expect Percy Harvin to have a few big plays here or there in 2009, but I wouldn’t draft him unless you’re in a dynasty league.

Tavaris Jackson Back at Practice

Meanwhile, Tavaris Jackson has returned to Minnesota Vikings Practice, after missing a couple of days with a knee sprain he sustained on Saturday.



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