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Funny Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

I’ve noticed we get lots of readers wanting funny fantasy football team names. In an attempt to constantly replenish our supply of clever fantasy football team names, I wanted to make another post about this highly important subject. I’ve even come up with a fantasy football team name generator to help league owners make that funny team name change that will put you over the top in your local league.

What Is a Fantasy Football Team Name Generator?

You might be wondering what the heck a fantasy football team name generator is. It’s a computer program or system for randomly generating funny fantasy football names or name ideas. You can take the name given by the random name generator, or at least get inspiration from the fantasy football name generator. Most of these programs allow you to click a button and have a name generated for you by a computer program. I’m decidedly less high tech, so I’ve created several tables of funny words to help you create random funny fantasy football team names.

That might be old school, but it also lets you pick-and-choose the names you use. But first, let me give you an example of some of the funny fantasy football names generated by some of the more popular team name generators on the Internet.

Online Funny Fantasy Football Team Name Generators

  • Fierce Computer Raccoons
  • Grim Tape Umpires
  • Explosive Keyhole Lawyers
  • Rabid Froth Aces
  • Kicking Nickel Rascals
  • Ordinary Knife Drivers
  • Rabid Floor Aces
  • Frightened Astroturf Ducks
  • Lofty Sand Raccoons
  • Flopping Ham Bashers
  • Ornery Cellar Doctors
  • Nasty Snow Pigs
  • Dirty Dog Pirates
  • Living Ball Monkeys
  • Boasting Asphalt Killers
  • Awkward Couch Heifers
  • Undead Touchback Quarterbacks
  • Living Cushion Lawyers
  • Cubicle Astronauts
  • Corroded Igloo Stompers
  • Neat Laptop Bones
  • Brilliant Jungle Hoochies
  • Clever Underwear Mosquitoes
  • Brilliant Limosine Gerbils
  • Jumping Eggplant Mallrats
  • Brotherhood of Nickel Wigglers
  • Black Velvet Drillers
  • Paltry Backfield Bashers
  • Nasty Robot Ghosts
  • Peachy Underwear Climbers

Football Babble Random Funny Fantasy Football Name Generator

This is my own funny fantasy football team name generator. Simply choose a word from each category. The noun will be the final word, while the adjective will come before the noun. If you really want to add emphasis, select a second adjective from the second word list. For instance, if you select the word “asshats” from the nouns, then add “inflatable” as an adjective and add “Michael Jackson’s” as a flourish, your fantasy football team name would be “Michael Jackson’s Inflatable Ass-Hats“.

But if you really want to be clever, you can add “Shitty” as a second descriptor, turning your team name into the “Shitty Inflatable Asshats“. Every owner in your league’s going to think you have a really interesting story about that time you bought an inflatable asshat, but you later realized these were cheap, useless asshats. Then they’re going to wonder what the hell an asshat is. That’s a perfect name, because it makes them laugh – then it makes them think.

Nouns – Final Word – Fantasy Football Name Generator

This is what your team is all about. Your team is going to be “monkeys” or “peeps” or simply “bosoms”, so this is an important one. If the name is plural and works better singular, change it. If the name is singular and works better plural, change it. You want your team name to sound odd as hell, but still roll off the tongue.

  1. Monkeys
  2. Wife
  3. Whore
  4. Flats
  5. Freezepops
  6. Good
  7. Titties
  8. Breath
  9. Panties
  10. Fro
  11. Pansies
  12. STD’s
  13. Granny
  14. Weed
  15. Chimpanzees
  16. Grunts
  17. Slice
  18. Coccyx
  19. Claptrap
  20. Sprocket
  21. Zygote
  22. Bosoms
  23. Breast
  24. Britches
  25. Cahones
  26. Pancreas
  27. Creamer
  28. Helmet
  29. Shituation
  30. Peeps
  31. Snorkel
  32. Sassafras
  33. Fizz
  34. Smegma
  35. Zing!
  36. Floozies
  37. Puss
  38. Twitter
  39. Assmosis
  40. Spoon
  41. Crud
  42. Nutbush
  43. Robots
  44. Macarena
  45. Rock Lobster
  46. Skinflint
  47. Joe Blow
  48. Nutter
  49. Piss Artist
  50. Strumpet
  51. Putz
  52. Dolt
  53. Pantywaist
  54. Ass-Hat
  55. Frak
  56. Piano Ties
  57. Mandana
  58. Skateboards
  59. Teddies
  60. Codpiece
  61. Sheiks
  62. Clogs
  63. Bastards
  64. Pooch
  65. Leotard
  66. Assless Chaps
  67. Doodle Sacks
  68. Fladge
  69. Merkin
  70. Emo
  71. Chaffeur
  72. Balls
  73. Mungo
  74. Pimps
  75. Waffles
  76. Sock Puppets
  77. Smock
  78. Romper Room
  79. Dipshits
  80. Crabs
  81. Latte
  82. Pundits
  83. Rubbernecks
  84. Nail Polish
  85. Lips
  86. Sheep
  87. Poodle
  88. Hockey Pucks
  89. Hochuli
  90. Dorks
  91. Idiot Sticks
  92. Disco Balls
  93. Pez Dispensers
  94. Barbie Dolls
  95. Sideburns
  96. Yo-Yo’s
  97. Junkies
  98. Hillbillies
  99. Piercings
  100. Bling Bling

Adjectives – Funny Fantasy Team Names – Team Name Generator

This is what generally puts your name over the top. “Robots” aren’t funny, but “White Trash Robots” or “Hairy Robots” or “Dung-Flinging Robots” are kind of funny. “Panties” might be funny, but “John Daly’s Panties” makes me laugh.

  1. Asshole
  2. Puddin’
  3. Stinky
  4. Finger Lickin’
  5. Rascal
  6. Chatahoochie
  7. Brer
  8. Drunken
  9. Granny
  10. Whiskey
  11. Bubbly
  12. Conniption
  13. Snarky
  14. Gimpy
  15. Wiki
  16. Bitchy
  17. Ankle
  18. Diggity
  19. Jerkface
  20. Frakkin
  21. Members Only
  22. Inflatable
  23. Mismatched
  24. Rockabilly
  25. Pithy
  26. Sensible
  27. Mesh
  28. Blithe
  29. Gelastic
  30. Inglorious
  31. Ludicrous
  32. Waggish
  33. Slapstick
  34. Seductive
  35. Sensual
  36. Risible
  37. Hairy
  38. Symphonic
  39. Dung-Flinging
  40. Uncouth
  41. Swinish
  42. Supertastic
  43. Shitty
  44. Ubiquitous
  45. Dimorphic
  46. Sensational
  47. Terribly
  48. Silky
  49. Horny
  50. Loopy
  51. Baconian
  52. Barbarian
  53. Bawdy
  54. Fecal
  55. Vomitory
  56. White Trash
  57. Totally
  58. Crapulous
  59. Sybaritic
  60. Dirty Lying
  61. Hoodoo
  62. Pimply
  63. Yo Mamma’s
  64. Michael Jackson’s
  65. John Daly’s
  66. Rob Zombie’s
  67. Chris Berman’s
  68. Frankenstein’s
  69. ESPN
  70. Darth
  71. I Can’t Believe It’s Not
  72. Dickless
  73. Brett Favre’s
  74. Blame It On
  75. Death To All
  76. Strung Out
  77. Lusty Young
  78. Kentucky Fried
  79. Raunchy
  80. Sexy
  81. Dirty Commie
  82. Orange
  83. Lemon
  84. Testicular
  85. Latino
  86. Old-Fashioned
  87. Grumpy Old
  88. Organ Grinder
  89. Bloody
  90. Ginormous
  91. Highfalutin
  92. Idiotic
  93. Gutteral
  94. Macho
  95. Two-Faced
  96. Noxious
  97. Greasy
  98. Championship
  99. Chocolate Chip
  100. Skinny

Those who really want to be random can choose a number and go with the two words that come up. You might come up with “Darth Emo” and “Macho Barbie Dolls”, which are totally unintentional, by the way.

More Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

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