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Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

More Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

We’ve had a lot of good feedback from our “funny fantasy football team names” pages, both on the Football Babble static site and the Football Babble blog. It’s seems like fantasy football team owners can’t get enough of wacky new fantasy football team names. Fantasy football guys even seem to look for silly fantasy football names during the regular season. Maybe their team is sucking and they’re looking for something to change their luck. There are no rules against changing your team name in mid-season.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Name List

I did some searching around fantasy football leagues on the Internet and found a nice selection of wacky fantasy football team names. These names might inspire you to come up with a fun idea of your own. Or you can just straight rip them off. It’s not like the other teams in your fantasy league will know the difference.



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