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Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

It’s that time of the year again. You’re old team name sucked and it caused you to miss the playoffs last year, so you’re searching for a new fantasy football team name. This fantasy team name has to be so shocking and so funny that everyone in the league will forget about 2008.

In another scenario, you’re in a new league with a bunch of old-timers who don’t know you from Adam, and you want a name that is going to give you instant name recogition and an instant league identity. So you want a funny fantasy football team name that will leap off the fantasy football league site.

Finding a Funny Fantasy Football Team Name

I’ve been there myself.

I’m known in one of my leagues as “H.R. Humpinstuff”. That name proved popular enough that another team in the league changed their name to “Humpinstuff Farm Team”. Now, everyone surfing the fantasy football league pages who comes across our site has to wonder why our league seems so obsessed with pictures of H.R. Pufnstuf.

Mild vulgarity isn’t necessary when choosing a funny fantasy football team name, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Take the case of “Captain What’s His Nuts”.

Captain What’s His Nuts

This one is an in-joke, so it won’t sound as funny relating it. When I was a younger man, a fellow league owner and I worked one summer as hands on an 80-foot lake boat that people rented for their drunken parties. The captain of our boat – a boat ironically named “The Oasis” – wore a real captains outfit.

My friend and fellow league owner couldn’t ever remember our captain’s name, and being a vulgar person himself, he started referring to him as “Captain What’s His Nuts”. So when I was setting up a new league a few years ago, I created place-sitter names for everyone until they got on the site. My former boat party co-host ended up with a team named “Captain What’s His Nuts”. He kept it and has one of the funniest team logos I’ve seen – a picture of a wax dummy ship captain.

Our league trophy is a straight-jacket that the champion signs their name and year-won on with a sharpie – a trophy the league calls “The Captain’s Jacket”.

That’s what fantasy football is all about. Having fun with the guys. Having running in-jokes and gags. Having funny fantasy team names. All that, and beating the snot out of your friends.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Name Ideas

So here’s a list of funny fantasy football team names. Use these outright or get ideas for funny team names of your own. If nothing else fits, simply choose a random league member’s first name and fill in one of the following blanks:  “____ Sucks” or “____’s Mama”.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Name List

Random Name Generator Team Names

You can also go to a standard random name generator to get a funny name. The best funny fantasy football team name generators are probably “band name generators”, “rapper name generators” or “mob name generators”. These are great for completely nonsensical team names. Here are a few examples.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names Based on Ex-NFL Players

Sometimes, it’s funny just to name your team after a funny-sounding or failed football player or coach of the past. Pick your funny team name based on your local team’s history. This is by no means a complete list of names you can use for your funny fantasy football team name. In fact, they’re pretty much endless.

Or choose a successful player name, if you want to confuse your other league owners. For instance, if your main rival has Adrian Peterson on his roster, name your team “Adrian Peterson”.

The Rules of Fantasy Football Team Names

Remember, don’t pick a shitty fantasy football team name. Never choose “the Wildcats” or “the Bulldogs”. Don’t choose your favorite NFL team name. That’s lame. And by all means, don’t do like one ex-league member did and name your team “the Winners”. That’s just weak. Remember, you supposedly assume this name is going on a trophy somewhere.

So with all that in mind, happy naming.

To get more ideas about clever fantasy football team names, read an old article we wrote at Funny Fantasy Football Team Names.



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