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Broncos Rookie Runner Hurt – Kyle Orton Looks Awful

Knowshon Moreno ran 3 times for 17 yards before he went out of the Denver Broncos 1st preseason game against the New Orleans Saints last Friday night. Embattled Broncos fans, who saw 7 Denver running backs lost for the season last year, immediately began to wonder on message boards about the Moreno, who was known as a durable workhorse type with the Georgia Bulldogs.

What the fans should be more concerned about is the fact Kyle Orton threw 3 interceptions in his first 3 drives in the pass-happy Josh McDaniels Offense.

We Traded Jay Cutler For This?

One reason Kyle Orton had decent numbers as a bus-driver quarterback with the Chicago Bears is the Bears offense didn’t rely too much on Kyle Orton to make plays. If Orton’s going to be asked to make a lot of plays in Denver, this could get ugly. It could get even uglier with Chris Sims as the backup.

Knowshon Moreno or No-Show Moreno?

But on the subject of Knowshon Moreno, I wouldn’t knee jerk. Knowshon Moreno showed he could carry the load in college and has little history of injury. He has a strained MCL which might keep Moreno out of one preseason game, but that only means he’s less likely to get hurt in preseason.

Running backs need work in preseason, but less than other offensive players. Keep an eye on Knowshon Moreno’s injury status for the moment and reconsider if he goes out of the next game he plays, but for now just assume this is a minor setback.

Hope Knowshon Moreno Slides in Drafts

Play it up for your buddies in your fantasy football league, hoping Knowshon Moreno will slide that extra half-round in the draft so you can pick him up in the 3rd or 4th round. With Orton throwing the ball, Knowshon Moreno should get plenty of dumpoff receptions – a la Orton’s running back last year, Matt Forte.



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