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Fred Taylor might be winning the starting running back job in New England, for whatever that’s worth. Fred Taylor played with the 1st team in the Patriots’ 2nd preseason game, getting 7 carries. Nearly half of those carries were for 5 yards or more, while Fragile Freddie collected a 12-yard pass to go along with his rushing totals.

Laurence Maroney, after an unproductive Week 1 with the Pats 1st team offense, carried the ball three times and had one reception for 14 yards. The Patriots have raved about Laurence Maroney in the training camp and offseason (as much as New England coaches rave about anything), but Maroney’s looks in practice never seem to translate to the field. I’m starting to think that Laurence Maroney is a workout warrior.

Here’s my bit of advice. Never draft Maroney – ever.

Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris

As it is, it looks like Kevin Faulk will be the New England Patriots’ third down back, as usual. Sammy Morris will be the goal line and short yardage back, at least until he goes out with injury. Fred Taylor and Laurence Maroney are battling it out for the starting position – which isn’t going to be worth much, since they’re taken off in passing situation, shortyard situations and goal line situations. Don’t spend any pick in the first half of your draft on these guys.

Chad Ochocinco Fantasy Football News

Chad Ochocinco is having an excellent 2009 training camp and preseason. With T.J. Houshmandzadeh out of the picture, expect to see Carson Palmer lock onto a new receiver. I go back and forth on whether that receiver will be Chad Johnson or Laveraneus Coles – mainly based on whether Ocho Cinco is over the hill.

Chad Ochocinco has looked like the man this preseason, while logic tells me that Laveranues Coles has put up good numbers with lesser QBs throughout his career – and is therefore going to have a big year with his first elite quarterback. Meanwhile, Chris Henry continues to impress as a 3rd wide receiver in Cincinnati – like he always does when not being suspended by the NFL.

Take a flier later on Chris Henry if you think the Bengals are going to throw enough to make a 3rd receiver in their offense worth a roster spot.

Roy Williams Fantasy Football News

Roy Williams has looked impressive in his two preseason games so far, hooking up with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo multiple times in each game. In fact, you can tell the Dallas coaches are calling plays for Roy Williams early and often – no doubt to raise confidence, create a bond between Romo and Roy and silence critics of Jerry Jones’s trade of a 1st and 3rd pick for Roy Williams.

Roy Williams caught 5 balls for 36 yards in Week 2, while he caught 1 ball for 12 yards in Week 1 – though one catch was called back. Roy Williams is feeling good enough about his contributions that he’s starting to talk about “his critics” in the Dallas press.



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