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NFL Week 3 Preseason Recap

NFL Preseason Fantasy Stats

Week 3 of the NFL Preseason is usually the big weekend of football, because teams use that game as the major tune-up for Week 1 of the NFL Regular Season. Week 3 of the preseason schedule is the game after NFL training camps have broken, so this gives NFL teams the best chance to simulate the run-up to a live game at their regular season training facility.

Also, Week 3 Preseason is two weeks before Week 1 of the Season, which means players can rest in the extra week between, given the team a bye week. Since teams have been practicing nearly a month at this point of the preseason, teams are best suited to play a half of football. Most teams play their first units for a half and a series, so they can simulate coming out of a halftime adjustment period and warming up again for a second half of football.

Week 3 of Preseason Matters

Look at Week 3 of the NFL Preseason if you want to get the best glimpse of what the NFL season is going to look like.

So what did we learn from Week 3 of the NFL preseaon?

Well, the Oakland Raiders are going to suck, as usual. The Raida’s got beat by the New Orleans Saints 45-7, which means both the starters and the bench players that Al Davis & Gang have amassed are terrible. As a postscript, the New Orleans Saints look like their big offense has returned for 2009. We also saw that Lance Moore is healthy and ready to go.

Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals Scores

Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals look like they are going to have huge offensive seasons. Those teams squared off for a 44-37 shootout, though it should be noted that the Packers were leading at halftime, 38-14. So if you go by that, the Cardinals are in trouble and the Cheeseheads are ready for a huge year. (Chris “Beanie” Wells also looked pretty good in his first action of the preseason – as did Matt Leinart in relief of Kurt Warner.)

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football News

Adrian Peterson put up 117 yards in a half of work, while Brett Favre looked a lot better in his second game with the Vikings Offense. The Vikings were ahead of the Houston Texans, 17-10, at halftime, which turned out to be the final score of the game. Guess both teams’ second stringers aren’t looking good, at least on the offensive side of the ball. (Matt Schaub is still injury prone, as he got dinged up again.)

Pittsburgh Steelers Defense Looks Great

Surprise, surprise, but the Steelers Defense looked to be in midseason form in Week 3 preseason. The Pittsburgh Steelers not only shut out the TO-less Buffalo Bills, but James Farrior also took an interception back for a touchdown. Meanwhile, Rashard Mendenhall finally looked stellar in preseason action, as Willie Parker missed the game with a nagging (veteran type) injury.

Other players who looked good in preseason action were Darren Sproles, Matt Forte and Jay Cutler. But you need to remember that Aaron Rodgers has looked like the best quarterback in football in the preseason. So if you want a top notch quarterback without giving up a 1st or 2nd round fantasy draft pick to get him, grab Aaron Rodgers in the late-3rd round of whatever draft you’re playing in.



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