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Ray Rice Named Baltimore Ravens RB Starter

Ray Rice Fantasy Football News

The word is out: draft Ray Rice in fantasy football drafts. Ray Rice had a stellar 2009 offseason and was surprisingly named the starter before Baltimore Ravens training camp.

According to the Ravens, Ray Rice’s promotion shouldn’t be seen as an indictment of Willis McGahee, who is also said to have had a good offseason. But at this point in their careers, Ray Rice, a 2nd year running back out of Rutgers, gives the Ravens more than McGahee does. Here’s what Ray Rice gives them.

Ray Rice Scouting Report

Ray Rice is shiftier than Willis McGahee, so he gives the Ravens a better chance to break long runs. At the same time, Ray Rice has shown the ability to break tackles and doesn’t have to come out of the game near the goal line. Also, Ray Rice is a skilled pass-catcher out of the backfield, which is where he will do a lot of his damage – Rice is especially good for receptions leagues. In fact, in the couple of games Rice was the starter in replacement of McGahee midseason last year (before he got hurt, paving the way for La’Ron McClain), Rice had good receiving totals.

Ray Rice Preseason Report

Rice looked good against a rebuilding Jets Defense on Monday Night and he was the only guy on the field with the 1st team. Expect La’Ron McClain to get some carries in goal line and short yardage situations, as he’ll be the starting fullback and therefore on the field a lot, too. But Ray Rice is being touted as the man in Baltimore and he’s having a great preseason, so I’m starting to believe.

Ray Rice in Fantasy Football Drafts

Rice is going all over the place in fantasy drafts. I was in three drafts over the weekend. In the first, Ray Rice went at the 5.12 pick. In the second, which is a league with a few more novice owners, Ray Rice fell into the 7th round. When McGahee went at 7.3, I noticed Ray Rice was still on the board and grabbed him at 7.8.

The owner at 7.12 tried to trade up to my spot to grab Rice (by giving an extra 13th rounder), knowing that the owner at 7.11 was certain to take him. I usually enjoy making trades like that, since I was only going down 4 spots, but I had drafted 2 receivers in the first 2 rounds (points league, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 Offensive Flex positions), so I needed the extra potential starting runner. So I told him I couldn’t trade down, because I wanted to get Ray Rice, whereupon he let out a curse.

In the third draft of the weekend, which took place at the same spot as the first, an owner who watched the drama of the previous draft collected Ray Rice with the 6.9 pick – three spots before my team was to have drafted. So it looks like Ray Rice is going late-5th or 6th round, and might slip into the 7th if you’re drafting with a number of owners who don’t keep up with the football news as closely as many fantasy footballers.



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