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Fantasy Football Week 3 2009

After two weeks of the 2009 NFL Season, we can start to see trends forming. By looking at the trends and how fantasy football defenses are doing, you can start to figure out who to start in those borderline match-ups in your fantasy football starting lineups. So here’s a few fantasy football tips when starting your fantasy starting lineup in the next few weeks.

Check back for more information as the fantasy football season develops.

Fantasy Football Trends – Weeks 1 and 2

Here are four defenses who’ve revealed something in the first two weeks of the NFL season. Three of these defenses are suggested teams to start offensive fantasy football players against, while the fourth is a surprise Week 3 starter, if you’re having Team Defense problems.

Houston Texans Defense – Fantasy Football Tip

Start your borderline runners against the Houston Texans Defense. In two weeks, they’ve given up two strong running performances. In Week 1, Thomas Jones had a big day against the Texans. In Week 2, Thomas Jones had almost no fantasy football production against an undermanned New England Patriots Defense.

In Week 2, Chris Johnson posted huge freaking fantasy stats against the Houston Texans. In Week 1, Chris Johnson posted below average stats against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sure, the Steelers and Patriots are two AFC stalwarts. But the Texans made Thomas Jones and Chris Johnson difference makers in fantasy football the week they played Houston. So if you have a borderline decision and you have an RB playing the Houston Texans, start that runner.

Tennessee Titans Defense – Fantasy Football Suggestion

For whatever reason, the Titans are giving up huge passing yards the first two weeks. Ben Roethlisberger is a two-time winning QB, but he’s not known to post huge fantasy football passing yards. But he posted 360+ yards and 3 TDs against the Tennessee Titans in Week 1 of the fantasy football season. Then Matt Schaub posted 4 huge TDs in a Week 2 defeat of the Titans. Looks like trouble down in Tennessee.

Start borderline receivers against Tennessee. I noticed the Titans cornerbacks put up big numbers in IDP leagues last year, always a sign that offenses think the best way to beat your team is to pass. It looks like the book is out on the Titans Defense and the book says to throw it all day. So it’s okay to start your borderline receivers against the Tennessee Titans Defense for now.

Denver Broncos Defense – Fantasy Football Tips

The last couple of seasons, the Denver Broncos were the worst defense in the league against the run. After two weeks, the Broncos have given up less than 20 points combined and are probably one of the Top 5 fantasy football defenses in many scoring formats.

Sure, that’s largely a function of the Broncos playing the Bengals and the Browns in the first two weeks. But the Broncos D is probably on the free agent pile in your fantasy football league. If your other defenses have bad match-ups in Week 3, consider picking up the Denver Broncos Defense in Week 3 for a one-week stop-gap. The Broncos play the Oakland Raiders in Week 3. The Raiders, despite being competitive in both games and posting a 1-1 record, still have a sputtering offense. (13 against the Chiefs? Come on!)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense – Fantasy Football Advice

This is not the Bucs Defense it’s been in the past, especially in the passing game. The Buccaneers gave up huge plays to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1, who promptly went out and passed for 125 yards against the Giants in Week 2. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills threw all over the Bucs in Week 2 – probably a better sign of how far the Buccaneers Defense has fallen.

One problem is Sabby Piscitelli as the new strong safety. Sabby is big enough to be a linebacker and he’s a great IDP player because of his tackling (and the fact defenses throw at him, giving him plenty of opportunities to get stats), but his pass defense skills remind me of Roy Williams, now of the Bengals and formerly of the Dallas Cowboys.

So if you have wide receivers with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense in Week 3 and beyond, start them.

Speaking of which, the New York Giants play the Bucs in Week 3, so if he’s still out there on your free agent list in your local league, pick up Mario Manningham and even consider starting him if you’re wide receiver corps is depleted.



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