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50 Resources For Youth Football Coaches

50 Resources For Youth Football Coaches

If you’re new to being a youth football coach, then you’re going to have to make a lot of coaching decisions and learn a whole lot of coaching skills quickly: what offense to run, what defense to run, how many plays to install, how to teach skills and how to drill your units.

If you falter at any one of these, your football team isn’t likely to be very good. With that in mind, here are 50 resources for youth football coaches needing to master the art of coaching.

Even veteran youth football coaches are going to find tools to make you a better coach on our list. You can study new defensive schemes, better ways to teach special teams skills and get an e-clinic on the wildcat offense. You can learn new plays and learn better drills.

Or if you know all the x’s-and-o’s and just want to bounce ideas off of other youth football coaches, you can find a youth football forum or message board to compare notes.

So here’s our “50 Resources For Youth Football Coaches“. Go win the title.

Youth Football Plays

If you’re looking for plays to stock your youth football team’s playbook, here are all kind of play diagrams and coaches advice you can print off for your practices. Remember to study how to teach these plays and techniques, because kids can be difficult to drill into cohesive football units at times.

1. Guide To Coaching Sports – A guide that will show you how to teach and caoch youth football players and teams, with tips on how to deal not just with kids, but with those dreaded parents.
2. American Football Tips – Huge links resource of coaching, plays, drills, passing, kicking, offense, defense, rules and injury prevention tips.
3. Active Pop Warner Football – Active has a section on Pop Warner youth football, with blogs, message boards, a glossary for beginners, basic tips and tricks for dealing with parents.
4. Youth Football Playbooks – Includes youth football playbooks, training aids like blocking dummies and blocking shields, beginners offense packages and instructional videos for youth coaches.
5. Free Football Playbooks – A crazy amount of free football play diagrams courtesy of Cyber Coach, including Ace formation, Pro formation, I formation, split back, wing T, wishbone and misdirection formations. Also includes defensive schemes.
6. Game Coaches – Touting itself as “the ultimate coaching resource”, Game Coaches include football coaching basics and a detailed playbook section, as well as streaming instructional videos.
7. Coach Parker’s Youth Football Tips – Blog devoted to coaching youth football, with tips and talk directly for youth football coaches.
8. Winning Youth Football – Empowering coaches step-by-step to coach their youth football team better, with clinics, books, DVDs, the apparel to make you look like a football coach and free blog tips.
9. Coach Your Kids – Football 101 tutorials and video clincics to instruct coaches on how to instruct their football-playing kids.
10. Kids Network USA – KN USA offers a huge coaching resource for youth football coaches wanting to learn about defensive schemes, heat and safety tips, 8-man football, referee signals, the kicking game and how equipment works.

Youth Football Coach Tips

These coaching tips generally involve more detailed looks at certain positions, or specifically help certain types of football coaches. I also include a online coaches forum at the bottom of this ten links, so you can get any information you can’t find elsewhere on this list.

11. Gregory Double Wing – A discussion of “severe angle blocking” and how these blocking techniques increase the leverage and effectivness of your young linemen.
12. The Piedmont A-11 Offense – If you really want to hit opponents with something new, the A-11 Spread Offense was invented by two high school coaches in 2007 to maximize speed instead of size.
13. Bruce Eien’s Spread Offense Series – Includes discussion of the spread wing offense, the “fat formation” balanced single wing offense and the “Jet Sweep Series” of shotgun offenses.
14. Eight-Man Single Wing Plays – Single-wing plays for 8-man coaches looking to install an unbalanced line strategy against their rivals.
15. How To Snap the Football – Jock Sutherland gives a Youtube video tutorial on an easier deep snapping technique than the spiral snap many youth football players have trouble mastering.
16. American Youth Football & Cheer – Website of the world’s largest youth football and cheerleading organization in the world, with terminology, coaching training information and youth camp listings.
17. Football For Youth – Sit with tips and tricks for youth football coaches, with sections for offense, defense, special teams and general coaching, as well as a message board and coaching blog.
18. Coach Hugh Wyatt’s Football Coaching – With sections about the double-wing offense, the Wildcat, football tips, caoching videos and coaching clinics.
19. USA Football – Offers training and tutorials for youth football coaches, officials, commissioners and players.
20. Bucksweep Coaches Message Board – Where coaches can discuss playbooks, drills, defense, special teams and Coach Bryan Schaumlaffel’s favorite Wing-T Offense.

Single Wing Resources For Youth Football Coaches

One of the best offenses for Pop Warner football is the single-wing offense, which forces defenses that practice against balance offensive schemes to suddenly deal with an unbalanced line. The single-wing is what gave rise to the Wildcat Offense that Tony Spurano and Bill Parcells unleashed for the Miami Dolphins last year.

21. The Basics of the Single Wing Offense – Gives the basics of the singlewing offense and ties this offensive strategy to the Miami Dolphins’ Wildcat Offense.
22. Single Wing Blog – Blog where the single-wing offense is discussed by a coach with years of experience with single-wing playbooks.
23. Single Wing Forums – Message board where (mainly) Pop Warner football coaches discuss their experiences with the single-wing offense.
24. Single Wing Football Fanatic News – Calling itself a “single wing offense news magazine”, this blog discussion single-wing strategy and the history of single-wing offenses.
25. The Single-Wing Sentinel – Blog providing news of single-wing football results, as well as provocative articles discussing the link between the single-wing and wildcat offenses.
26. National Single Wing Coaches Association – The NSWCA has a membership of single-wing coaches boasting over 1,300 wins and 26 state championships, complete with a who’s who, a Hall of Champions and an SW history.
27. Shortpunters Coaching DVD’s – This DVD package shows the basics of teaching the single-wing offense and other unbalanced line strategies.
28. Coach Wyatt’s Single Wing – Coach Wyatt discusses 13 different single-wing plays, complete with a diagram of each play.
29. Rob Good’s Horse Fly Offense – The “Horse Fly Offense” is a t-fly single-wing offense explained by Rob Good, with extensive diagrams of the plays being run.
30. Single Wing Playbook – John Carbon’s single wing playbook features scans of hand-sketched single wing plays you can use in your games.

Youth Football Skills

Each player on the field is going to need to master certain skills and here are tools for teaching youth football players their position skills. Having your team retain those skills once kickoff happens may be the hardest part of your job as coach.

31. Offense-Defense Sports – With full contact youth football camps, featuring NFL and college players and coaches.
32. Youth Football Camps – Details on where to attend youth football camps held by NFL players like Matt Light, Steve Slaton, Marcus Trufant, Barrett Ruud, Jay Novacek, Jeremiah Trotter and Merril Hoge.
33. The Kicking Game – Coach Shackleford discusses the skills needed to dominate the special teams phase of your football games, from the punt team to kickoffs and from field goal units to 2-point charts.
34. Pro Kicker Kicking Camps – Information on Ray Guy’s year-round kicking camps, which teaches kids how to become better punters, kickers and long snappers.
35. Youth Football on the Web – Internet info on football tournaments, football camps, team building and training videos for youth sports.
36. American Football Monthly Magazine – A magazine and website for football coaches, including teaching advice, coaches secrets and web tips from NFL coaches like Mike Tomlin.
37. American Football Coaches Association – The AFCA site gives you updates on AFCA news, conventions, awards, training programs, injury prevention, a jobs board and the AFCA development series.
38. Patrick Mannely’s Longsnapper – Former NFL longshapper Patrick Mannelly gives tips and hints to becoming a better longsnapper, with a chatroom about this most obscure of all football skills.
39. Sportskool Football – Learn football position skills from former NFL players like Doug Flutie, Joey Thomas and Stephen Boyd, mostly done through streaming videos.
40. Smart Football Strategy & Analysis – Includes video analysis of why some offensive strategies work, current focusing on the Wildcat Offense.

Youth Football Drills

Teaching football techniques to young kids generally requires lots of repitition, but a good football coach also has to make their task understandable to them. The following links help you learn the football drills yourself, but also gives you advice on how to instruct youth football players to learn their position skills.

41. WePlay Youth Football Drills – With skills and drills, football blogs, coaching groups and online coaching discussions – all touted by Peyton Manning.
42. Oskie Free Football Drills – Books, videos, journals and free drill information for all the positions, as well as tips for coaching the offense, defense and special teams.
43. Youth Football Drills Blog – Blog discussion to help coaches focus on specific drills and plays to help their youth football team learn and succeed.
44. ETeamz Tips, Drills & Games – Instruction articles, playbooks and conditioning tips for both coaches and players, including 14 different sections broken down by football units.
45. Football Tutorials – Youth football practice drills and coaching tips spelled out in a football blog format.
46. Helpful Blocking Drills – Football drill notes to help youth offensive linemen have better stances, positioning and agility.
47. John T. Reed Blocking Advice – John T. Reed offers scenario-by-scenario tips on which blocking techniques work best for which type of youth football players.
48. 24 Quick Football Drills – Two dozen quick and simple football drills spelled out in a concise and informatative fashion, to help your players with leverage, balance, tackling, shuffling feet and other essential football skills.
49. Guide To Coaching Sports – How to teach fundamental blocking drills to your youth football players they will learn and execute in games.
50. Coach Youth 100 Drills – 50 offensive football drills and 50 defensive football drills you can show your kids, to help them improve their football skills and fitness.



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