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Great Football Plays of 2009

I was thinking about the most amazing football plays of the past year in the NFL, so I figured “Why not show the most awesome plays in the NFL last year?” From memory, here are the best pro football scores of the year, though I’m sure I overlooked some big ones.

My apologies to all those who love great defensive football. I’m sure there are a couple of big defensive touchdowns or sacks you’ll find unbelievable or stunning, but I can’t think any off the top of my head. I will toss you a bone and show you the Ray Lewis tackle of Darren Sproles and the San Diego Chargers on 4th-&-2 to win the game. As Madden would say, Boom!

Robert Meachem Touchdown – Week 13 vs Redskins

The Robert Meachem touchdown this year against the Washington Redskins in Week 13 may be the single-most incredible football play of the 2009 NFL Season, though our last entry might beat it.

While the play wasn’t immediately the reason the Saints won, that touchdown went on to become huge later in the game, when the Skins missed a field goal that would have won the game in the final seconds. New Orleans went on to win the game in overtime and continue their unbeaten streak.

For those who never saw the play, Drew Brees went back to pass around midfield midway through the 2nd Quarter, felt pressure, force a throw and threw an interception. Robert Meachem chased down the Washington Redskins defensive back, stripped the ball from him in mid-stride and raced 44 yards for the touchdown. Amazing stuff.

Josh Cribbs Kickoff Touchdown Returns

Don’t ask me why I include four separate Josh Cribbs plays, except I think the kid deserves credit for his accomplishments on such a lousy football team. Players score touchdowns on kickoffs and punts all the time, but this kind of consistency has never been seen in the history of the game. The stats prove that statement.

Josh Cribbs TD vs Pittsburgh Steelers – Josh Cribbs is the most exciting NFL player casual fans don’t know about. This kid already holds the NFL record for most kickoff return touchdowns in a career, with several impressive TDs this year alone. Frankly, if Cribbs hadn’t been scoring for the Browns this year, they would have had virtually no offense, except for when they played the Lions and Chiefs.

Josh Cribbs Punt Return TD vs Minnesota Vikings – In one of the Browns few highlights of the season opener, Joshua Cribbs ran back a punt against the Minnesota Vikings. As you’ll see later, this game produced another astonishing football play, only this time via Adrian Peterson.

Josh Cribbs 2 TD’s vs the Kansas City Chiefs – If Josh Cribbs can score touchdowns against good teams like the Vikings and Steelers, then you have to wonder what he’ll do against the Kansas City Chiefs. Of course, he’ll score two touchdowns and break the record.

Incredible Offensive Touchdowns on Bad Tackling

On to teams that might matter. Adrian Peterson continued to show his dominance, while Miles Austin had a classic breakout season. And while Brandon Marshall had an up and down season, you can see in that one play the physical talent the guy possesses.

Adrian Peterson 64 Yard Run Versus Browns – We might as well get to the Adrian Peterson run, since it’s easily one of the most awesome plays of the season. If you want to know what physical domination of an opponent looks like, watch Adrian Peterson just shove a Browns opponent away with a stiff arm.

Miles Austin OT Touchdown vs Chiefs – This play completed Miles Austin’s coming out party in the National Football League, as he took the ball to the endzone on a long overtime reception that won the game for the Cowboys and finished Austin’s day with 10 receptions for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns. Watch the Boys mob Miles Austin in the end zone as the Cowboys season turns around.

Brandon Marshall Owns the Cowboys – Speaking of which, the Cowboys’ season needed turning around after this pitiful display the week before up in Mile High Stadium against the Denver Broncos, when Brandon Marshall made a huge play to seal the win for the (at the time) 4-0 Broncos.

More Amazing TD Passes

To end, let’s show three more stunning plays that won their respective teams the ball game. Two happened with no time on the clock, while Brandon Stokely did all he could to run out the final 11 seconds of the game he was in.

Ben Roethlisberger to Mike Wallace – Big Ben Roethlisberger’s touchdown throw to Mike Wallace kept the Steelers’ playoff hopes alive for the moment in one of the season’s most entertaining games. Remember that this marvelous play occurred with :00 seconds left on the game clock in the 4th Quarter in a win-or-die moment.

Brett Favre Beats Niners on Final Play – Brett Favre showed why the Vikes and Brad Childress went to such lengths to recruit the ancient quarterback when he won an early season game versus the San Francisco 49ers, back when the Niners were looking like a playoff contender. You can’t draw it up any better than that.

Brandon Stokely 87 Yard TD on Bengals – But the most stunning play of the NFL season has to be the 87 yard touchdown by Brandon Stokely against the Cincinnati Bengals with :11 seconds, after the Bengals had held the Broncs to 7 points prior through 59+ minutes. The most amazing thing about this play was that it didn’t completely derail the Bengals season, which I thought it would when it happened.

Of course, the most amazing play of the 2009 calendar year was probably the James Harrison touchdown ( in Superbowl XLIII at the very end of the first half. Had the Cardinals just taken the field goal and the Steelers not gotten that extra 7 point swing, the Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes td at the end of the game wouldn’t have mattered. Of course, the game would have been played differently had that play never happened, but that’s the facts.

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