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Welcome to the Football Babble Blog!

Welcome to the “Football Babble Blog”. We’ll be posting here throughout the upcoming football season on topics ranging from NFL football, college football and fantasy football. The way I envision our football blog working is to cover the latest football news and notes that might not necessarily justify a full page on our regular site, or which needs to be posted quickly.

Football News and Updates

Read here for my comments on what’s going on in the NFL and NCAA football, especially when you’re looking for late-breaking information on injuries, roster moves and legal issues. You can depend on any football season to provide you with all kinds of twists & turns, which is what I’ll discuss on the Football Babble Blog.

Brett Favre Ad Infinitum

According to John Clayton of ESPN, we expect to have a decision from Brett Favre on whether he’ll be joining the Minnesota Vikings in 2009 (thank goodness). Everybody expects Favre will sign with the Vikes, while everyone is also tired of speculating on a 40-year old quarterback. This is starting to remind me of the Roger Clemens Watch the last few years of his MLB career. Hopefully, Brett Favre doesn’t spend all this time deciding, only to get into a scandal that blemishes his Hall of Fame career. (Just joking.)

Whether you love him or hate him, though, Favre’s decision will impact any number of players on the Minnesota Vikings, so expect analysis of what his signing/lack of signing will do for the Vikings and the entire NFC North this year. So expect that later in the week.

Early Heismann Analysis

Also, I want to talk about my thoughts on this year’s Heismann Trophy Award and establish my early favorite for college football’s most prestigious award in 2009. I know it’s waaay early, especially with two former Heismann winners returning for another season, but I have a theory.

That’s just a glimpse of what the Football Babble Blog is going to be. Once the season gets in swing, the blog posts will virtually write themselves.


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