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Good Football Christmas Present Suggestions

If you’re having trouble deciding which football gifts to give you friend or loved one, I wanted to dicsuss common football gift ideas.

With Christmas and the holiday season just around the corner, a well thought-out piece of NFL or college football memorabilia might be the perfect present for the boy in your family or the man in your life. Remember that the holidays correspond with the college bowl season and the beginning of the NFL Playoffs, so he’s likely to have football on his mind.

Sports Memorabilia

I have a friend with official licenses MLB cases with autographed game balls. There’s no reason why you can’t have NFL helmet cases or ball cases you can display in your home or workplace.

One idea is to get mini-helmets of your favorite NFL team, then take these to autograph signings and have these helmets signed. Because these are smaller, they make handy display items, while being just the right size to add an autograph to. If you get a real autographed mini-helmet, you’re husband, boyfriend, brother or son is going to love this gift.

Football Wall Hangings

Some of the best football memorabilia is the kind you can place on the wall of your home, especially in your game room, study, or personal den. Personalize your private rooms in your home with football wall hangings that summarize your team and your love for that favorite team.

Football wall hangings might include an art print of your favorite player, a team photo from the year your favorite NFL team won the Super Bowl (or the current year), a wall print of the famous moments in NFL or college football history of your favorite team, a team pennant, a team huddle print, a championship banner, a framed photo, a stadium sign, or even team helmets to hang on your wall.

Another great-looking option is the cabinet style NFL football jersey display case. If you place a football jersey inside one of these cases, it makes a great wall hanging, almost like a portrait. I’ve seen people display a J.P. Losman jersey to this effect, and it looked great, despite the wall hanging being a J.P. Losman gift – the poor dope.

NFL Authentic Throwback Football Jersey

One of the best football gifts is an authentic jersey of his favorite team or player. This is a practical gift for you football fanatic, since he’ll be able to wear this jersey to the game, to football watching parties, fantasy football drafts, or out to his local bar. Guys like to show their team loyalty, and the NFL jersey is among the best ways to proclaim your fan loyalties.

Framed Pictures of the NFL

Other gift ideas to consider are NFL portraits and framed photographs. Most of the great plays in NFL history have been photographed, and you can buy prints of these moments. Or you can get a photo from your man’s favorite NFL player or coach ever, including everything from a Peyton Manning photo to a Randy Moss pic, and everything from a Terry Bradshaw framed photograph to a Vince Lombardi portrait.

More Football Gift Ideas

Here’s just a smattering of gifts I’ve seen presented over the year. This gives a few hints, or just an idea of the scope of gift options available for football-lovers.

  • Packers Ice Bowl Print
  • New York Jets Throwback Replica Mini Helmet
  • Green Bay Packers Desk Lamp
  • New York Giants Electric Train Set
  • Lambeau Field Etched in Crystal Ball
  • Tennessee titans Fiber Optic Full Size Replica Helmet
  • San Diego Chargers Football Field Runner
  • Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings 24KT Gold Coin Card
  • New England Patriots Plus Mascot
  • Tony Romo Celebration Autographed Photo

Those people who still don’t have enough football gifts and gift ideas to make their decision should check out a couple of our old gift idea articles here at FootballBabble: our article on the Football Fanatics Store and Football Fanatics Merchandise, as well as our article on All Posters and Prints, which discusses NFL and NCAA Football Posters.

Fantasy Football Trophy Ideas

Fantasy football leagues need to have their own league trophies, to stand out from all other leagues out there. Even if you have a high dollar money league, fantasy football owners want to display at next year’s draft who won, so you need to have a fantasy football champions trophy to show off your big victory. To read more about this subject, Football Babble has an article for you at Fantasy Football Trophy Ideas.

Football Gift Certificates

If you can’t find what you think is going to be the perfect gift for your team, buy a gift certificate for him. You might think this isn’t putting enough thought into the present you offer, but this is outweighed by the usefulness of the item. Let him buy exactly what he wants. I’ve seen prominent football gift sites with gift certificates reaching into the hundreds of dollars, starting at $25 and advancing up the ladder at $25 intervals.



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