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How To Enjoy Football Season

How To Enjoy Football Season

Enjoying the football season requires watching as much football as possible, if you can’t be on-site for the live games themselves. Ask me how to enjoy football season and I’m going to suggest you watch as much live football as possible, going to your local NFL and College Football games, while making one or two road trips per year to see the teams in the neighboring states play. I might suggest you watch some local high school football, too, if you have kids in school or know someone who does.

But if you aren’t adventuresome or you just don’t like fighting crowds or the weather, there is plenty of football watching to do from your home. Make sure you have full coverage of the football season and then make sure you have friends to watch the games with. I’ll leave it up to you to enhance your football watching experience with gambling or fantasy football.

Get the ESPN GamePlan

ESPN GamePlan lets you watch 12 additional out-of-market NCAA games per week, from Labor Day Weekend to the first week of December every year. These are some of the best games of the week, featuring top BCS and mid-major conferences. The ESPN GamePlan lets people who have moved away from the state of their alma mater to be able to watch their team’s games anyway.

Also, if you’re a college football freak, you get 12 additional key games dropped into your Saturday football watching experience. While the ESPN GamePlan doesn’t offer coverage of every single NCAA Division I game (approximately 55 or so games a week), like the NFL Sunday Ticket does for the National Football League, you are going to be able to watch the biggest games in college football every week.

Buy the NFL Sunday Ticket – Get the Sunday Ticket, which plays the full schedule of NFL games, even the out-of-market games shown throughout the country. You can flip channels and watch the NFL games that are the most entertaining, instead of one or two regional games and one national game, which may or may not be competitive. For instance, I live about an hour north of Dallas, so I get all the Dallas Cowboys games on the standard NFL setup, which is good.

Unfortunately, CBS for years decided that Dallas fans would naturally want to see Houston Texans games, since they are in the same state. Well, no Cowboys fan cared about the Houston Texans and, if you’ve ever seen a map of Texas, the distance between Houston and North Texas is the equivalent of two or three states in the northwestern U.S. So instead of seeing the Colts, Patriots or Steelers, we got to see all those Texans-Jaguars games over the years.

You don’t have to worry about that with the NFL Sunday Ticket. For somewhat over $200 a year, you can watch every single NFL game every Sunday. NFL Tickets allows You to flip channels to see which teams are about to score. There’s one channel on the Sunday Ticket for scores, updates and analysis, while another channel shows you only the games where a score is immanent. Also, if you have the split-screen option on your television, you can put the split screen tv picture on and watch two games at once.

Tune In to the NFL Network

The NFL Network is the pro football equivalent of the ESPN GamePlan, except you get full coverage of the NFL, instead of just 12 games a week.

Not only does the NFL Network show one Thursday Night game a week starting the second half of the NFL season, but usually shows one or two Saturday night games per year. Besides the NFL coverage, though, the NFL Network lets you get all the latest NFL news throughout the weeks of the season.

Also, NFL Network shows edited NFL games from the previous week at intervals throughout the week. These are the “best of” or highlights of the games. They simply cut out many of the commercials and the huddle time, showing each and every play of each game. Also, NFL Network shows the post-game and mid-week press conferences for all the NFL coaches, so you can follow your favorite team or stay up-to-date on the latest injury or personnel moves for your fantasy football league.

Have a Football Watching Party

My friends’ Super Bowl Watching Party is one of the big events of the year, with a huge crowd of people crowding in front of the tv to watch the game and laugh at the commercials. But football watching parties can work any week of the season. Football is a community sport, so bring friends, family or neighbors over to watch the games with you. Just let them know beforehand that you bought the football tv packages, so you control the remote.

Play Fantasy Sports…Or Not

Some people prefer to enhance their football watching with fantasy football or betting on games. I love fantasy football, because I get to compete against my friends and pretend to be a football expert. At the same time, I enjoy when fantasy football season is over in NFL Week 16 and I can watch the NFL Playoffs “for the love of the game” or, better yet, while cheering my Dallas Cowboys on a playoff run.

There’s two entirely different kinds of football viewing: when you watch it for which teams wins and when you watch it with a betting line or fantasy game on the line. Some purists can’t imagine watching Packers/Vikings and cheering for the Packers to win, but Sidney Rice (for example) to score a touchdown along the way. That’s what happens when you play fantasy football. At the same time, if you have Calvin Johnson and Jamal Charles started on your fantasy team, you can watch a Lions-Chiefs game (that no one outside of Detroit or Kansas City would normally care about) and be highly entertained. So there are tradeoffs.

The most important thing to remember when considering how to enjoy football season is to have a cheering interest. If you could care less who wins or loses in college or pro football, then the games aren’t going to be very entertaining. So become a football fan, one way or another.

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