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“Mizzou Football” is a nickname given to the football program of the Missouri Tigers, a college team in the Big 12 Conference’s North Division. Mizzou is simply a shortened name sometimes given to the University of Missouri by its fans and alumni.

The Missouri Tigers have been a traditionally middle-rung football team in the Big 12 and the Big Eight Conference before it, though the team has a 63-42 record in 9 years under current Mizzou coach, Gary Pinkel.

In fact, Mizzou Football has won the Big 12 North Title the last two years, in 2007 and 2008, and is a contender for the title again in 2009.

The winner of the Big 12 North plays the Big 12 South winner for the Big 12 Championship in the Big 12 Title Game at the end of every regular season, and before the regular bowl season. In the 2007 and 2008 title games, the Missouri Tigers lost to the Oklahoma Sooners each year.

Mizzou Football Rivalries

Missouri Football has a number of rivalry games on their schedule each season, most of which stretching back to their 90-year history in the Big Eight Conference (1907-1996). One of two of the Mizzou Tigers’ rivalries go back even further.

Perhaps the biggest rivalry showdown every year is the “Border War” between the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri, which has been played 118 times (after the 2009 meeting) and goes all the way back to 1891.

At stake are the Indian War Drum and the Lamar Hunt Trophy, which are simply prizes won each year by the winning team. Kansas and the Big 12 have the rivalry record at 55-53-9, though Mizzou disputes this claim, and they have the record at 54-54-9.

The Missouri-Nebraska showdown is almost as old, having been played since 1892 (with a few interruptions). The two teams play for the “Victory Bell”. Missouri and Oklahoma also play for a “Peace Pipe”, and have done so every year since 1929 (with 94 total games played).

Missouri also contests the “Telephone Trophy” with Iowa State, a prize which began in 1959. The two teams have played 101 football contests over the years. Of course, Kansas, Nebraska, OU and Iowa State are all former members of the Big Eight and current members of the Big 12.

Mizzou Football Stars

The Missour Tigers have had a number of star players, some of whom went on to star in the NFL. Johnny Roland, Roger, Wehrli, Brock Olivo, Bob Steuber, Darold Jenkins, Paul Christman and Kellen Winslow (Sr.) have had their jersey numbers retired by the Mizzou Football Program. Kellen Winslow Sr. went on to become an NFL Hall of Fame selction. Other former Missour Tigers with notable NFL careers at the moment are Justin Smith, Brad Smith, Martin Rucker, Ziggy Hood, Chase Daniel, Chase Coffman, Justin Gage and Jeremy Maclin.

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