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NFL Football Jerseys

Authentic NFL Jerseys

NFL football jerseys are pullover tops made to look like the uniforms worn by National Football League players during real NFL games. These NFL jerseys are sold in merchandise stores across the country and worn in NFL stadiums by the thousands every fall.

Of course, people can buy the jersey of their favorite NFL player from official and unofficial online NFL merchandise websites. There seem to be a million NFL jersey sites on the Internet.

NFL Fan Jerseys

The biggest NFL team fanatics are going to want to buy the most authentic jerseys and will spend hundreds of dollars to own them. NFL merchandise collectors will also buy authentic jerseys and throwback jerseys, hoping to collect an autograph or signature and hang these on the wall or in a trophy case.

NFL fans wanting to buy their team’s jerseys are going to want to know exactly what they’re spending their money on, whether the jersey is for themselves, their sports collection or a gift for a friend or family member. So below, we’ve provided a rundown of what to look for when buying authentic, replica and throwback jerseys.

Authentic Jerseys

If you want to wear the best jersey an NFL fan can have, wear the authentic NFL jerseys. These are going to be a little more expensive than most NFL merchandise you can buy, but they are the most like the real NFL jerseys.

Authentic NFL football jerseys use the same material that official NFL jerseys worn by National Football League players wear in the games. The authentic jersey is made of 100% high-quality Pro-Brite polyester. The numbers and play names are embroidered onto the jersey. The sleeves of the authentic jersey are made of nylon mesh. The authentic numbers are made of the stouter material that NFL uniforms are made with.

Of course, even authentic NFL jerseys aren’t exactly like the football tops worn in NFL games and those worn by the fans in the stands. The biggest difference is the size of the jersey sleeves. NFL jerseys have to fit over the players’ shoulder pads, so the sleeves are going to be much bigger than the authentic jerseys you’re going to want to wear.

Replica Jerseys

An NFL replica jersey has the appropriate names and numbers embroidered on the jersey material, but the replica materials are different than that used by standard NFL uniforms. Replica NFL jerseys use nylon mesh instead of polyester.

Throwback Jerseys

Throwback NFL jerseys are made to look like jerseys that are no longer in use by National Football League players or teams. For instance, if you want to wear a jersey that the Dallas Cowboys wore in the 1960s, you’ll want to buy a throwback jersey.

That’s the main reason the NFL seems to have a game or two every week with throwback jerseys. When you see the Washington Redskins and the Detroit Lions in a current game wearing uniforms they wore in a 1947 game between the same teams, a few fans are going to want to go out and buy those throwback jerseys.

It becomes big money for the National Football League and the NFL Players Union, even if many throwback jerseys look antiquated by today’s NFL fashion standards.



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