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“VA Tech Football” is the shortened form of the Virginia Tech football program. VA Tech football teams have been in bowl games every year since 1993 and are perennially among the Top 20 football programs in college football.

The Virginia Tech Hokies have sent several famous football players to the NFL, including Bruce Smith and Michael Vick, who were the 1st picks in two NFL drafts: 1985 and 2001, respectively. Frank Beamer is the architect of VA Tech football’s rise to national prominence, after taking over the program in 1987.

VA Tech Football Accomplishments

The Virginia Tech Hokies have been playing football since 1892 and have amassed a record of 658-425-46 record (as of mid-November 2009) over that time, which is an impressive .603 winning record. The VA Tech Hokies have the 3rd-longest current bowl game streak, behind only the Florida Gators and Florida St. Seminoles. VA Tech football has won 3 ACC conference titles, 3 Big East conference titles and 1 Southern Conference Title.

Virginia Tech currently plays in the ACC Conference.

VA Tech Football Players

Among the former NFL players to play at Virginia Tech are recent Hall of Fame inductee Bruce Smith, Jim Pyne, Antonio Freeman, Brandon Flowers, Jim Druckenmiller, Lee Suggs, John Engelberger, Don Strock, Marcus Vick and Billy Hardee.

A partial list of current VA Tech football players in the NFL include the following players:

VA Tech Football Coaches

The current head coach of Virginia Tech football is Frank Beamer, who has coached at VA Tech for 22 years and has the 3rd-most wins among active Division I college coaches: behind only Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden. Frank Beamer has made the Hokies a perennial Top 20 program, after VA Tech football was relatively average to mediocre for much of its history.

What Is a Hokie?

Apparently, “hokie” has been around since 1842, where it was first used as an exclamation to express surprise, excitement and approval. Essentially, the word hokie is synonymous with “hoorah!”.

It’s not know if the man who brought the word “hokie” to Virginia Tech Athletics, O.M. Stull, knew this connotation of the word or not. In 1896, Stull wrote a fight song for the VA Tech team using the word “hoki” numerous times and he claimed to have invented the word himself specifically for this spirit yell. OM Stull won a $5 prize for his song, which went on to be known as “Old Hokie”. Here’s the text of the spirit yell.

Old Hokie

Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hy.
Techs, Techs, V.P.I.
Sola-Rex, Sola-Rah.
Polytechs – Vir-gin-ia.
Rae, Ri, V.P.I.
Team! Team! Team!

Over time, the popular fight yell became a part of VA Tech athletic competitions, and the name “Hokie” became synonymous with VA Tech Football. The team nickname became Virginia Tech Hokies and the rest is history.

So that’s what a Hokie is. The Virginia Tech athletes have been called the “Fighting Gobblers” since the early 20th century. Over time, the term Hokie and Gobbler became intertwined in the minds of VA Tech supporters. The VA Tech Football Mascot, the Hokiebird or Hokeybird, is an anthropomorphic turkey that has undergone a couple of image overhauls of the decades. Ask many VA Tech supporters and you’ll probably hear that a Hokie is a turkey. That’s not the case, though.

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