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Where Are the Best Seats in a Football Stadium

The Best Football Stadium Tickets

This is a good question and one that’s a little tricky. The most expensive seats in a football stadium are usually between the 40-yard lines.

A 50-yard line seat is a premium seat, because you presumably can see the whole football field, no matter which end of the field the play is on at the moment. 50-yard line seating gives you a similar view to what you’re used to watching the game at home in front of your television.

You’ll also see 40-yard line seating in the premium level of seating, since you are still in the midfield area. The closer to the 50-yard line, the better you are doing.

Typically, the seats nearest the field are considered best, because you can sit behind one of the benches. If you sit behind the bench of the team you’re cheering for, you’ll be able to see your favorite stars as they come off the field, make adjustments and cheer on their teammates. If you sit behind the bench of the opposing team, you can jeer at their players from the nearby stands.

Second Level Seating Gives a Good View

I personally find the second level of seating at a football game is to my liking. While sitting near the field is nice with 50-yard line seats, sitting on the 50-yard line on the second level is also pretty nice. That’s because you can look down on the field, getting a bit more of an aerial view of the game.

This overhead view allows you to see what’s happening on the opposite side of the field a little better and sometimes (better than front row seating) lets you see the play as it develops. Watching football live lets you see the speed and violence of the game, but it also gives a full panoramic view of the field, seeing the blocking patterns and the holes open that the runner runs through.

Having a better overhead view sometimes helps you see this aspect of the game.

For the same reason, upper deck seats in the midfield aren’t so bad, either.

Skybox Seating

For those who can afford skybox seating, it generally takes the elements out of the equation, making your football watching more comfortable. Also, you don’t have to contend with other fans sitting all around you. You’re likely to have someone bring you your food and drinks, instead of standing in line at the concession stand.

Finally, you’re likely to have access to a television to hear the game broadcast or help you see replays a little quicker and closer than on the jumbotron.

At the same time, the press box is not always what it’s made out to be. If you sit along the 50-yard line, you can watch the game like coordinators, scouts and broadcasters watch the game. But if your skybox is pushed to the corners of the stadium, these might not be very good seats to watch a football game at.

That’s because you’re already high up above the field, too far away to see faces and hear the sounds of the game. If you’re in a corner box, you’re going to effectively have seating much like the upper deck corner end zone seats, which are the least expensive tickets and generally considered the worst seating in the stadium.

End Zone Seating

Generally, the least desirable seats in a football stadium are the end zone seating. That’s because you won’t have a very good view of the game when the teams move to the other end of the field. Roughly half the game, you won’t be able to see the game from a very advantageous position.

On the other hand, when the action comes to your end of the field, you will have some of the best seats in the house. I watched a Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers NFL Championship Game from the 10th row end zone seats back in the mid-1990′s and I got lucky. Several of the biggest series of the game took place on my end of the field.

I still feel like I was the first person in Texas Stadium on my feet when Brett Favre rolled out to his right and threw the game-deciding interception to Larry Brown, because I was in a perfect location to see Larry Brown break on the ball first and come underneath the receiver. For me at least, that was a great NFL football moment.



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