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What a mess the Cowboys are. This is just starting to piss me off.

Tony Romo Sucks

Romo has been missing receivers in all four ballgames this year. He’s completely regressed.

I saw one of the ESPN guys (maybe Steve Young) talking about this last week. When teams start to gameplan for you in the NFL, they take away the things you’re best at. If you don’t improve, you regress. That’s what it looks like has happened with Romo. Either he’s just not good enough, or he’s been running around as a celebrity these past two years and hasn’t made any improvements to his game.

Dallas Cowboys Defense Sucks

The defense does good for 3 quarters, then either through fatigue or choking, you always know they’re going to give it up late in the game. Terrance Newman is no longer the player he was three years ago. The team stupidly cut Greg Ellis, because he complained too much, and Anthony Spencer can’t do the job. The coaches have Anthony Spencer in place to make plays and he can’t make them.

What really kills me is that all the experts thought the Cowboys would take Dwayne Bowe where they took Spencer, but Wade Phillips had to have this guy as an “elite pass rusher”. And he’s a complete bust. Now Dwayne Bowe is one of the NFL’s best young receivers – big and fast – and he’s exactly what this team needs. Jerry’s lucky that Bowe went to the miserable Chiefs and dwells in NFL obscurity or that decision would be rehashed around here from time to time.

Dallas Cowboys Receivers Suck

The receiving corps is a joke. It’s full of guys (Crayton, Austin, Hurd) who have been in the league for years now, but can’t really make a contribution. Romo got Roy Williams killed on that one play – the worst thing a QB can do to his receivers. Martellus Bennett is too much of an idiot to make a contribution, apparently. Felix Jones can’t stay healthy. Hell, he couldn’t even make it through o.t.a.’s this offseason without an injury.

And Bobby Carpenter somehow still has a job.

Bobby Carpenter Really Sucks

One of the plays that made me the maddest on Sunday was one that really had no bearing on the game. The Broncos throw the ball out into the right flat to their backup tight end. Barbi Carpenter tries to tackle the guy up high and this no-name tight end just sheds him off like he’s a child trying to tackle him. The play only went for 2-3 more yards, but that should be enough to tell you he shouldn’t be in the NFL.

Wade Phillips Sucks…As Always

I just read in the paper all the excuses Wade Phillips was making for the team, instead of demanding some accountability. You can see why he’s a career loser as an NFL head coach. There’s no way he’s the guy who turns this around, which is just depressing for a Cowboys fan. Just another wasted season.

Jerry Jones, This Is On Your Head

Of course, ultimately, Jerry Jones is to blame for all of this. In most NFL cities, when the GM screws up over-and-over, the owner fires him. But Jerry the Owner will never fire Jerry the GM, so we’re likely to see the same craps for years to come. They had a window from the talent Parcells assembled and that window is closing, because every year, this becomes more a Jerry-assembled team.

It just drives me crazy that Jerry cuts a contributor like Greg Ellis, but refused to turn over the roster where it’s most needed: the receivers. You can tell that Jerry came out of last year making the wrong conclusions.

Jerry decided that this squad had enough talent after a 9-7 season, but the locker room was a mess. So he got rid of anybody who had ever caused any stink, instead of trying to bring in new talent. He couldn’t figure out that a roster makeover requires getting rid of some guys, then bringing in new talent with new attitudes to replace them. He left the job half-done.

So Jerry Jones Sucks

Jerry thought the team was talented enough, even losing a few key players. Well, that’s obviously not the case. Like all Jerry-built Cowboys teams, it is bereft of playmakers and difference makers.

Dallas Cowboys Roster Needs Help

I would say Romo, Demarcus Ware and Felix Jones are the only guys who make plays on either side of the ball. Ware is great, but he can’t do it himself. Romo makes too many plays for the other team, too, and his playmaking ability seems to have declined, because he’s trying (unsuccessfully) to limit turnovers. And Felix Jones can’t stay on the field enough to make a difference.

So we get an offense that dinks-dinks-dinks it down the field with 8-yard passes to Witten, then inevitably sees the drive falter due to a penalty or turnover. We get a defense that can’t get the opposing offense off the field in clutch time, because no one can make a play.

And don’t even get me started on the offensive playcalling.



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