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It’s early Auguest and NFL injuries are already starting to happen. NFL training camp injuries show up early and often every year, seemingly the inevitable part of the training process for life in the NFL. Keep a checklist for your fantasy drafts.

Stewart Bradley – LB Philadelphia Eagles – Philadelphia Eagles Middle Linebacker – Looks like I’m the first one in my dynasty league to lose a player for the year for the second year in a row. Congratulations, Me! Stewart Bradley was injured in a night practice and Eagles camp suggests the ACL injury will put him on the IR for the year.

That’s a bad break for the Eagles, after Bradley recorded 155 tackles in his first full year as the starter. With the loss of Brian Dawkins on the field and Jim Johnson off the field, the Philadelphia Defense was looking for new unit leaders to step up. The middle linebacker is always an obvious choice.

On another note, their goes my 28th rounder, which should have been a pretty good value as a starting LB. And here I had just learned to stop calling him Bradley Stewart. Last year I was the jerk who lost Osi Umenyiora before one meaningful game. Let’s hope this isn’t the sign of a long year.

Owners in Team Defense and Independent Defensive Player leagues should take note that the Eagles will be on the second-string middle linebacker throughout the NFL regular season.

Tavaris Jackson – QB Minnesota Vikings – Tavaris Jackson got a new lease on NFL life when Brett Favre decided to stay retired, then promptly went out and sprained his MCL.

Brad Childress says the Minnesota Vikings expect Jackson to be fine, but he’s missing valuable practice time when he should be making a case as the starter. Cautiously pencil in Sage Rosenfels as the early favorite to be the Minnesota Vikings’ opening day starter.

Carson Palmer – QB Cincinnati Bengals – Carson Palmer is fine. After two days of missed practice, he returned. Carson Palmer’s reason for missing time was flu-like symptoms. This is nothing, but anytime your starting QB is coming back from an injury that forced him to miss 10 games the year before, you don’t want to see Carson Palmer missing any time.

Chris Wells – RB Arizona Cardinals – Chris “Beanie” Wells wasn’t able to get through his first practice with the Arizona Cardinals. Chris Wells sprained an ankle in the practice and will be forced to miss time in camp. Early speculation was Beanie Wells might miss up to a month of training camp, though Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt says he doesn’t expect Wells to miss nearly that much time. All involved say Chris Wells’ injured ankle will be no major factor moving ahead, though Whisenhunt mentioned the injury might hurt Wells’ ability to start immediately for the team, due to missed reps and resulting lack of familiarity with the teams’ offense.

Of greater concern is whether this is an indication of things to come with Chris Wells. One reason Wells slid in the first round was that NFL team’s were a little concern with Wells’ history of injuries.



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