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Michael Vick To Return NFL Week 3

Michael Vick’s NFL Suspension Ends Early

It appears that Michael Vick will be able to return to the NFL by Week 3 of the NFL Regular Season. Michael Vick was “conditionally reinstated” by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in August, allowing Vick to sign with any NFL team. Michael Vick eventually signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Roger Goodell’s conditional reinstatement included a 5-game suspension for the first five weeks of the NFL regular season, and it was widely believed that Michael Vick would not be able to return to the NFL until Week 6 – despite being able to practice with the Eagles in preseason and even appear in preseason games.

Roger Goodell and Michael Vick

But now it appears that Roger Goodell will lighten Vick’s suspension. Most people focused on the “conditional” part of conditional reinstatement as being Goodell’s ability to increase Vick’s suspension time, if there was bad behavior on the part of Vick during his suspension. But Roger Goodell also has the ability to lessen Vick’s suspension – and the Eagles have bent over backwards (apparently) to keep the NFL Front Office informed of Michael Vick’s progress.

Michael Vick Protests

Somehow, I get the idea that Roger Goodell decided Michael Vick had payed enough for his crimes, and the additional NFL suspension was meant to limit public relations blowback on the NFL for letting Michael Vick back into the league. Like any business, the National Football League didn’t want animal rights protestors calling attention to their lack of scruples about letting a “dog killer” back into their league. So the suspension gave Roger Goodell the most latitude.

Though there have no doubt been protests and bad feelings, the public appears to have accepted Michael Vick’s return. The Philadelphia Eagles were a surprise pursuer of Michael Vick, and they appear to have jumped through all the right hoops in the post-signing of Michael Vick. One key ally has been the American Humane Society, which has been using Michael Vick to talk to youths about the evils of animal cruelty.

So Roger Goddell has gauged that there’s no more pr damage a Week 3 reinstatement will do than a Week 6 reinstatement, so that looks like when Michael Vick will return to the NFL.



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