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Marshawn Lynch – Marshawn Lynch lost his appeal of his coming three-game suspension, which is set for Weeks 1-3 of the NFL season. The suspension stems from an L.A. gun charge against Marshawn Lynch from March. Marshawn Lynch served 80 hours of community service and has 3 years of probation from the offense.

Plaxico Burress – Don’t draft Plaxico Burress on a whim in fantasy football drafts this year. Plaxico was indicted on 3 gun counts today by a New York grand jury. Plaxico Burress faces charges after the incident where he carried a concealed handgun into a New York City club – a gun which fired into his thigh. Weapons charges automatically carry a 3 & 1/2 year sentence in New York, which is what Plaxico Burress faces. It looks like there’s little chance of Burress playing in the NFL this year, and a good chance the 31-year old receiver may miss significant time over the next few years. Expect him to plea bargain at least 1 year in prison for these gun charges.

Antonio Pierce – The same New York Grand Jury declined to indict Antonio Pierce on any charges for his part in the Plaxico Burress Case. Antonio Pierce accompanied Burress to the club, then rushed him to the hospital after he was shot. Because Burress’s gun was placed in Pierce’s glove compartment and the police were not notified of the shooting, there was a chance Antonio Pierce might be indicted on cover-up charges.

Testimony by Pierce and others involved in the shooting incident indicated that a security guard at the club placed the gun in Pierce’s glove compartment, while the hospital staff was negligent (but not guilty of a cover-up) in the incident. The grand jury said that Antonio Pierce acted “as any citizen under extraordinary circumstances would have acted.”

The NFL immediately announced Pierce would not suffer a suspension, so those looking to draft the New York Giants Defense or Antonio Pierce in IDP Leagues should move full steam ahead.



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