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Tom Cable Punches Raiders Assistant

Oakland Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable is Out of Control

“You’re out of control, Cable,” shouted Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis to his head coach, “I’m taking your badge.”

That’s how I imagine Oakland Raiders Training Camp going right about now, after it was revealed Monday, August 17th that Tom Cable had punched one of his defensive assistants, Randy Hanson, on August 5th. The punch broke Hanson’s jaw and forced him to make a trip to the emergency room, which has to report such incidents to the local authorities.

Hanson declined to press charges, but the report of the incident came out today.

Tom Cable has his NFL immortality. When his time as Raiders head coach inevitably (and ignominiously) comes to a close, the first paragraph of Cable’s bio will mention he had trouble jump-starting the Raiders Offense, but he had a tremendous right cross.

Commitment to Excrement

One just has to imagine what it’s like around the Raiders organization these days if coaches are taking swings at one another in the preseason. I mean, everyone’s 0-0 and still should have unrealistic dreams of winning the Superbowl – not pointing fingers and tearing one another apart.

At least wait until you’ve lost three regular season games before you panic – like last year. Too bad the NFL can’t step in and intervene, but no one can do anything about this mess, since the only thing associated with the NFL that Al Davis has won in the last 25 years has been court cases.

Just Stay Down, Baby!

I mean, it was bad enough when Al Davis went on national sports television last fall and started accusing Lane Kiffin of betraying him.

Then we hear stories that the Raiders Scouts had Darrius Heyward-Bey rated as the #3 wide receiver on their draft board, only to have Al Davis overrule them and insist they draft Heyward-Bey as the 1st receiver in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Oakland Raiders Draft Woes

Then we hear that the Raiders 3rd round pick in that same draft didn’t even make it to training camp, before he was cut.

Jamarcus Russell A Bust?

Then we hear Jamarcus Russell came to camp for the second year in a row overweight, which is a bad sign about team morale when the franchise quarterback isn’t taking the Raiders seriously.

Blaming Contributors on Defense

Follow that with stories like the Oakland Raiders have decided to open up a competition between their starting middle linebacker (Kirk Morrison) and starting outside linebacker, Ricky Brown, for the starting MLB role in 2009 – this despite Morrison leading the team in tackles 4 straight years.

Apparently, Al Davis decided Morrison doesn’t make enough plays in the backfield, because all of them are 5 yards downfield. No freakin’ duh. Get better defensive tackles, like the Ravens did when Ray Lewis was having trouble shedding blockers, or like the Bears did when Brian Urlacher was having trouble shedding tackles.

The Raiders Coach Goes on a Rampage

But none of that was enough. Now we have Tom Cable go all “Dirty Harry” on his coaching staff. Next thing you know, we’ll hear about Al Davis knee-capping Darren McFadden for “insubordination”.

I’m telling you, these days, when I see Al Davis sitting in the press box, wearing one of those white Raiders jump suits, he kind of reminds me of Kim Jong-Il.

That’s what the Oakland Raiders are these days. They’re the North Korea of the NFL.



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