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101 Football Articles and Resources

American football is the most popular sport in America. If you are new to football, here are the best places to learn the basics.

1. American Football: The Wikipedia article on American football is an overview of the game and its rules.

2. Football History: Read about the evolution of American football from its beginnings in the Ivy League universities’ rugby matches

3. Football 101 – offers a primer on all things football, including rules, position and common questions.

4. Football Terms – This page offers dozens of football glossary terms, from AFL to Zone Defense.

5. How Football Gear Works: Page from How Stuff Works with a detailed look at NFL football gear and how it works.

6. The Helmet Project – Learn which helmets belong to which team and learn something about the history of football, too.

7. Glory of the Gridiron – Scores, records and school lists going  back to 1872, when college football players were inventing the game.

8. College Football History – Charlie covers the top rivalries in the college game, as well as the history of the conferences, national champions and major coaches.

NFL Football

9. National Football League – This is the home of the NFL, the most successful sports league in the United States.

American Football Articles10. NFL Franchises – Learn the origins of the NFL team nicknames as well as franchise movement from the 1920’s until the present.

11. About: The NFL – The About: Football page is actually about the National Football League, including stories about star players, background on team nicknames and posts about NFL fans themselves.

12. Football Generals – Football Generals covers news about NFL coaches, general managers and owners only.

13. The Super Bowl – This site covers the yearly Super Bowl, the biggest event in the National Football League season.

14. Free Football Radio – The next time you can’t watch the game because it’s on the NFL Network, here’s a website that provides information on where to find football games on the radio.

15.  ESPN Football – ESPN is the #1 sports network in America and their football page is among the most comprehensive football resource on the web.

16. CBS Sportsline NFL – CBS Sportline provides NFL news from training camp through the offseason and also provides fantasy football website resources.

17. Football Scouting Reports – This site covers scouting for several sports, including the NFL Draft and NCAA recruiting.

18. NFL Players Union – This is the site of the NFL Players Union, which collectively bargains on behalf of the league’s players with NFL owners.

19. Ourlads Draft Guide – Ourlads is a respected scouting service which has worked the NFL Draft since the early 1980’s.

Football Advice

NFL Fan Sites and Blogs

20.  Fifth Down – In this New York Times NFL blog, you read stories about where the National Football League intersects with politics and pop culture.

21. The Quarterback Blog – Those interested only in NFL quarterbacks can read news and scouting reports, as well as how-to articles on passing mechanics.

22. NFL Fan Boards – On Fantasy Sharks, each NFL team gets its own message board full of rabid homers for their respective team.

23. NFL in the UK – This site includes a forum for British NFL fans, information on grassroots American football in the UK and a first-rate primer on all 32 NFL teams.

24. Cold Hard Football Facts – Read these fan articles for everything from NFL power rankings to tailgating tips.

25. Hashmarks Blog – Hashmarks is an ESPN NFL blog maintained by Matt Mosely, Mike Sando, James Walker, Bill Wiliamson and Pat Yasinskas. 

26. NFL Hopeful Holly Mangold – Holly Mangold is an 18-year old who is trying to become the first woman in the NFL.

27. The American Football League – This site is dedicated to the AFL, which merged into the NFL in the late 1960’s.

28. The Madden Curse – Some NFL fans believe a curse befalls any football player who appears on the cover of Madden NFL video games. 

29. Chunky Soup Curse – Read one NFL fan’s attempt to document the Chunky Soup Curse, which is supposed to befall NFL stars who endorse Chunky Soup.

30. NFL Refs Suck – If you want to keep track of gaffes by current NFL officials, this blog maintains a record going back to 2001.

College Football

31. College Football Reference – Offers team data reaching all the way back to 1869 and includes teams from all the major conferences and the major bowl games.

32. College Football Rankings – All-Time rankings for college programs and coaching records for coaches of the 20th and 21st centuries.

33. NCAA Football – The official site of the rule-making and governing body of college football.

34. The Bowl Championship Series – The BCS organizes the major college bowl games every year, including the BCS Championship Game.

35. About College Football – About: offers an overview of college football, along with news and tidbits about the latest personalities of the game.

36. ESPN College Football – The sports network’s coverage of NCAA football.

37. Division I Football – Among other things, this contains links to Division I college football team websites, broadcast information and newspaper coverage.

38. Division II College Football – Includes states, scores and news info about Division II NCAA college football, the intermediate division between major college football and non-scholarship football schools.

39. Division III Football – News and interest stories from Division III, which is the non-scholarship level of college football.

40. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics – The NAIA sponsors various college sports, including the Division II college football championship tournament.

41. National Junior College Athletic Association – The site of the governing body of junior college football in America.

42. Junior College Football Scouting – News and scouting information about junior college football players.

43. Football Graveyard – A few Division I football programs have been eliminated, and this site records and memoralizes all of them.

44. Worst Call in History – If you’ve always wanted to know what the worst call in football history was, one Oklahoma Sooners fan will answer your question.

High School Football

45. High School Football News – Topix is a site which collects news stories about high school football from around the country.

46. High School Football Stats – Includes regional scores, recruiting news and links to team websites for America’s high school football regions.

47. NFL High School – News and notes of an NFL-sponsored program which encourages football athletes in America’s high schools.

48. Prep Nation – Prepnation has articles and polls about the best prep athletes in the nation.

49. Six-Man Football – This site includes the rules and history of Sixman Football, a high school sport which is still big in Texas. 

50. Student Sports Football – SSFootball at Rivals covers the college recruiting scene, with news about the top prospects and what’s happened at the combines.

51. All Canada Gridiron – This site covers stories from American high school football played in Canada.

52. Eight-Man Football – Offers a discussion of eight-man football, which is played in certain American high schools and has a 3-team league in Israel.

53. Football Hero Bobby Martin – This kid won an ESPY Award and was featured in Sports Illustrated and the Boston Globe due to his career as a legless high school football player.

Youth Football

54. American Youth Football – This is the official site of the largest youth football organization in America, with a Youth Football Hall of Fame, national champions and awards list, news from youth football and visits from NFL stars.

55. Coaching Football for Youth – Football for Youth is a website resource for youth football coaches, including playbooks, drills and helpful articles.

56. Pro Kicker – Camps which train kids to become NFL punters and kickers, with a tie-in to former NFL punting great, Ray Guy.

57. Youth Football Camps – Learn offensive and defensive skills at youth camps taught by NFL stars like Steve Smith, Zach Thomas and Hines Ward.

58. Regional Football Camps – Search through regional football camps for kids 8 through 18, held by present and former NFL players, such as Mark Clayton, Andre Hall and Jay Novacek.

59. Global Football – This organization organizes football events and tournaments for youth athletes around the globe.

60. Youth Football Info – Learn information about youth teams and tournaments from around the country.

Alternative Football

Football LeaguesThere’s a lot of American-style football out there besides the NFL and the NCAA. There are football leagues all around the world, as well as numerous semi-pro and amateur leagues in America. Also, we offer games ranging from paper football to flag football leagues.

61. Canadian Football League – CFL football is played in the summer, on a slightly larger field and with different rules than the NFL.

62. Arena Football League – The official site of the biggest arena league, which has been around nearly 20 years.

63. Ultimate Football League – The UFL is a new spring football league which has the support of controversial sports owner, Mark Cuban.

64. UFL vs. NFL – This CNN Money article discusses the chances the Ultimate Football League can compete with the NFL.

65. Helmet Hut – A pictorial history of American football helmets, with pictures of helmets from all leagues and era.

66. Flag Football Magazine – An online magazine which covers the subject of flag football, including rankings, a list of organizations and details of the World Cup of Flag Football.

67. Flag Football Rules – Rice University’s website provides one of the best descriptions of flag football rules.

68. Flag Football Tips – NFLRush has tips on warm-up drills, running and passing plays and defensive schemes for flag football.

69. How to Play Paper Football – Wikihow has a quick tutorial on the rules and scoring for paper football, the game we all played at the dinner table when we were kids.

70. Minor League Football – This is the site for semi-pro leagues spread across America.

71. Semi-Pro Football – Another site for semi-pro football news, which includes over 800 teams nationwide.

72. Women’s Professional Football League – The home site of the first women’s football league in America.

73. Independent Women’s Football League – This football league is based in Texas, but has 41 teams spread out from Southern California to Montreal, Canada.

74. National Women’s Football Association – This league has 40 women’s tackle football teams from coast-to-coast and hosted the Gender Bowl, the first competitive team to pit men’s and women’s teams against one another.

75. Belgian American Football League – This is the home of the Belgian American Football League.

76. Irish American Football League – This is the biggest American football league in Ireland.

77. Pro Football Reference – Includes stats for players, coaches and teams through the decades, all the way down to birth days and birthplaces.

Coaching, Instruction and Training

78. The Largest Training Site! – Learn about football-specific training and weight-lifting exercises from NFL and workout experts at

79. American Football Monthly – AFM touts itself as the online magazine for football coaches. The website contains video features and coaching videos.

80. American Football Coaches Association – Contains news and facts about American football coaches, as well as the latest information on legislation and injury prevention methods.

81. Longsnapper Advice – Patrick Mannelly, the Chicago Bears longsnapper for the last 11 years, has a site dedicated to longsnapping advice, from hand grips to snapping drills to college recruiting tips for this most arcane of all NFL skills.

82. Long Snap – Another site featuring the art of long snapping, including lists and rankings of current NFL long snappers along with tips on how to long snap from former NFL snappers Rob Davis and Kendall Gammon.

83. Sportskool – Gets football tips from 15-minute long streaming videos featuring former NFL stars like Doug Flutie, Joey Thomas and Stephen Boyd.

84. Coaching Jobs Market – The "Football and Coaching" blog allows coaches and athletic departments to post help wanted messages from around the country.

85. The Old Coach – This site covers the high schooll coaching profession and recruiting news in the state of Texas, and links to a message board for local coaches.

86. Smart Football Analysis – Chris Brown’s blog offers offensive theories, strategies and play analysis in long, detailed posts.

87. Football Tutorials – These youth and flag football drills are posted by football coaches from around the world.

88. National Football Passing Academy – NPA is a camp specifically for quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends.

89. National Athletic Trainers’ Association – A jobs market for American athletic trainers, including a list of potential employers and job seekers.

90. The Kicking Game – If you are interested in any aspect of punting or place kicking, this is the site for you.

Fantasy Football

91. Beginners Guide to Fantasy Football – The Football Guys have articles explaining the basics of fantasy football and offering strategy hints for new players.

92. RotoWorld – Roto World is a good all-around source for fantasy football info, including player news, injur reports and depth charts. 

93. Hot Off the Wire – KFFL’s "Hot Off the Wire" news gives up-to-the-minute waivers, injury news and roster transactions.

94. Pancake Blocks – Gregg Rosenthal offers a series of articles which compare and contrast some of today’s fantasy football stars in this blog associated with Rotoworld.

95. Fantasy Team Names – For the really lazy fantasy football team owner, here is a team name random generator.

96. Fantasy Football Goat – This blog is updated several times a week and contains latest news, cheat sheets and podcasts.

97. Fantasy Mock Drafts – Antsports offers fantasy football mock drafts and player draft position averages from just after the NFL Draft until late in the preseason.

98. The Trade Court – If you have a question about a trade in your fantasy league, you can appeal to this Trade Court for an expert ruling.

99. Fantasy Football Advice – Visit this message board to ask draft and trade questions of veteran fantasy football owners.

100. Fantasy Football Draft Thesis – This undergraduate honors thesis from a Johns Hopkins University student offers a statistical model for drafting optimal fantasy football teams, but I included this link simply to show how serious some fantasy football players get about this hobby.

101. Weekly Fantasy Football Contests – Fantasy Sports Live offers weekly fantasy football contests for money for those fantasy owners who are having a bad year in their local leagues.

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