Autographed Football Cards

Trading Cards Signed by Football Stars

Autographed football cards, and football cards in general, started to grow in popularity during the early 1980s. When manufacturers realized this, they wasted no time in producing more and more cards for the consumer.

By the 90s, companies started releasing all sorts of special sets and limited edition items, including rookie sub sets, die cut cards, motions cards, numbered cards and refractors. Now, collectors can purchase a wide array of autographed football cards and even game-worn jersey swatches.

Tips for Football Card Collectors

If youre going to start a football card collection, here are a few things to keep in mind. These tips will make the hobby easier and more profitable, and you wont end up with a closet full of Koy Detmer cards.

The Value of Autographed Football Cards

Autographed Football CardsWhen looking for autographed football cards, always be sure to check and see if the signature can be verified. In recent years, card companies have started certifying autographs, and this has done wonders for their value.

But older cards with a ball-point signature on the front or back may be worthless, as theres no way to determine who actually signed it. For example, I recently saw autographed Warren Moon and Lawrence Taylor cards on eBay. Neither card had been bid upon, because there was no verification available.

To give you an idea of what certified autographed football cards are worth, just check out the list below. Some of these were cards listed on eBay, while many others come straight from the Beckett website. As you can see, NFL autographs are a valuable commodity when properly verified.

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