Score Football Cards

Score Trading Cards from Donruss

Score football cards, owned by Donruss, serve as a flagship set for collectors around the world. While they were once fairly common, Score cards were discontinued for several years and then revived in 2005.

Despite their more limited distribution, football cards from Score continue to be a valuable item for collectors. The following list is designed to give an idea of the value and availability of various Score collectible cards.

2007 Score Football Factory Set

A box of these cards will contain 10 sets with a total of 440 cards (330 common cards and 110 rookie cards). On average, the consumer will find nine insert cards per box, with one autographed card and three numbered rookie cards. Among these, the Adrian Peterson rookie card is among the most valuable. A box of this set retails for $59.29.

2007 Score Select Football

Score Trading CardsReleased on July 25th, 2007, this set of cards retails for $4 per pack. Boxes, of course, are more expensive, but itís a convenient way to ensure that youíll get all the cards you want. Each box contains the following: 1 autograph, 2 scorecards, 3 rookies, 1 hot rookie, 1 gold zone and 1 franchise parallel. Each rookie card is serial numbered to 599.

Each box will also contain 1 autograph and at least 2 of the following cards:

Top Rookies in this set include:

2007 Score Select Football also contains the following card sets:

2006 Score – Score Football

This set of Score football cards was released on July 26th, 2006. A pack of the cards retails for $4.

Each box is guaranteed to include the following:

Plus 5 others of the following:

Included in this set of cards are:

Value of 2006 Score Football Cards

To give you an idea of how Score cards appreciate, take a look at the value of these 2006 items. Prices were either taken from retail card sites or from eBay auctions.

Value of Older Score Football Cards

Score Football Cards - Score Rookie CardsAs with the listings above, the value of these older Score cards were gathered from retail card sites on the Internet and eBay auctions. You may have noticed that rookie cards and certified autograph cards are the most likely to increase in value over time.

Notice that the authenticated Troy Aikman cards is only $5 less than the similarly autographed card of the legendary Jim Brown, who would presumably have fewer cards in circulation.

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