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Fantasy Football Mock Draft

2008 Fantasy Mock Drafts

A 2008 fantasy football mock draft is an excellent tool for determining which players might be available in what rounds during your upcoming draft.

This allows you to develop a strategy ahead of time and hopefully gain an edge on your competition.

While fantasy football mock drafts aren�t foolproof, they are a fun way to prepare for the real thing and get into the fantasy mindset.

2008 Fantasy Mock Draft

This 2008 fantasy football mock draft is based around the following scoring system:

  • 1 pt. for every 10 yards rushing or receiving
  • 1 pt. for every 25 yards passing
  • 1 pt. for every reception
  • 6 pts. for every rushing, receiving or passing touchdown

This fantasy football draft follows the serpentine format, though draft position is redrawn every other round. Therefore, a team is not stuck drafting in the same position every other round the entire draft.

Football Scouting Report

Fantasy Mocks - Fantasy Football DraftI’ll include a short scouting report on our twelve imaginary football teams. This mock draft simulates a stable league where most teams have been around for years, so the team owner knows a team’s drafting trends.

To explain the draft logic of each team, here’s the league scouting report in alphabetical order. This is a league which has been around for years and years and is remarkably stable, so there’s a long scouting report on each of these teams.

Feel free to skip this section if you’re only interested in the mock draft.

Backyard Alleycats – The Alleycats owner is a retiring sort of guy, which makes it all the more strange that he has a running feud with one of the league’s biannual commissioners. The Alleycats comes prepared to every draft and usually collects solid, though often unexciting, selections.

Blitzkrieg – After winning the league two years ago, the wheels came off in 2007. Blitzkrieg is a veteran fantasy football owner who drafts veteran NFL players. You can depend on Blitzkrieg to have a solid looking team coming out of the draft.

Fantasy Football Mock Draft - Fantasy Mock DraftsDamage Incorporated – Considered the most unpredictable drafter in the league, the one constant is that Damage Inc. loves the Denver Broncos and is sure to pick one or two rounds before conventional logic would suggest he should. Damage has a few head scratchers every draft, but also has a talent for "lucky" draft picks.

Dirty Old Man – He’s been around since the beginning of the league, and perhaps since the beginning of time. DOM has won the league a couple of times, but he’s married now and doesn’t see the fuss in draft lists. He just uses a cheat sheet from a magazine he picks up on the way to the draft.

Four Horsemen – The Four Horsemen are four time champions and were once the New York Yankees of the league, but they’ve entered a phase of down years, perhaps because neither owner watches Sunday football much anymore. The Horsemen go with the young runner drafting philosophy, hoping to draft valuable players in breakout years.

Insane Clown Passanisi – Former league champion with the best single season in league history (15-1), the ICP blend the standard early round running back heavy roster with a best-player-available strategy. Whether he would agree with our drafting Brandon Jacobs as a best-player-available, I’m not sure.  

Jolly Gentlemen – The Gents are in 9 different leagues every year and have a gambler’s mentality. They usually draft a bunch of receivers and the first kicker off the board, almost as a badge of honor. The Jolly Gents drafted a "conventional" team last year and it was a disaster, so it’s back to the old way in 2008.

Junkyard Dawgs – The Dawgs take a childlike glee in fantasy football, and enjoys bedeviling the league commissioner any chance he gets — to the point of drafting an average of one of the Commish’s running back’s handcuffs per year. He’s made the playoffs five years running, so don’t dismiss the J-Dawgs as a novelty act, though.

Lonestar Beer Cans – The Beer Cans once made the league finals three years in a row — only to lose each time. This team continues its long quest to win the league, and usually throws in a couple of nice value picks of players in breakout years. He’s convinced there’s a league conspiracy against him.

The Parrotheads - The four-term league commissioner and the defending league champ, who spent the better part of 15 years trying to win his first title. Depend on him to draft Torry Holt — always. After years of being the last team to draft a QB, he took Manning in the first last year and road him to the championship. Go figure.

Red-Headed Stepchild – Still considered a "newb" after four years in the league, the Stepchild hasn’t recovered from his collapse in the league finals two years ago, when he road Ladainian Tomlinson’s record season to a 14-1 record entering the title game.

Snowbad – This youth minister is an all-around nice guy and longtime league elder who wasted years and years of his fantasy football life drafting the Manning-Harrison combo and finishing at the bottom of the standings. He’s beyond that phase now…or is he?

Fantasy Cheat Sheets - Fantasy Draft Order

Round 1

  1. Junkyard Dawgs – LaDainian Tomlinson (RB, Chargers)
  2. Lonestar Beer Cans – Adrian Peterson (RB, Vikings)
  3. Insane Clown Passanisi – Steven Jackson (RB, Rams)
  4. Blitzkrieg – Brian Westbrook (RB, Eagles)
  5. Dirty Old Man – Joseph Addai (RB, Colts)
  6. Jolly Gentlemen – Randy Moss (WR, Patriots)
  7. Snowbad – Larry Johnson (RB, Chiefs)
  8. Red-Headed Stepchild – Peyton Manning (QB, Colts)
  9. Parrotheads – Frank Gore (RB, Niners)
  10. Damage Incorporated – Tom Brady (QB, Patriots)
  11. Backyard Alleycats – Clinton Portis (RB, Redskins)
  12. The Four Horsemen – Marshawn Lynch (RB, Bills)

Round 2

  1. The Four Horsemen – Reggie Wayne (WR, Colts)
  2. Backyard Alleycats – Marion Barber (RB, Cowboys)
  3. Damage Incorporated – Terrell Owens (WR, Cowboys
  4. Parrotheads – Reggie Bush (RB, Saints)
  5. Red-Headed Stepchild – Willis McGahee (RB, Ravens)
  6. Snowbad – Braylon Edwards (WR, Browns)
  7. Jolly Gentlemen – Andre Johnson (WR, Texans)
  8. Dirty Old Man – Ryan Grant (RB, Packers)
  9. Blitzkrieg – Maurice Jones-Drew (RB, Jaguars)
  10. Insane Clown Passanisi – Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Cardinals
  11. Lonestar Beer Cans – T.J. Houshmandzadeh (WR, Bengals)
  12. Junkyard Dawgs – Tony Romo (QB, Cowboys)

Round 3

  1. Jolly Gentlemen – Earnest Graham (RB, Buccaneers)
  2. Lonestar Beer Cans – Jamal Lewis (RB, Browns)
  3. Junkyard Dawgs – Steve Smith (WR, Panthers)
  4. ICP – Brandon Jacobs (RB, Giants)
  5. Blitzkrieg – Marques Colston (WR, Saints)
  6. Red-Headed Stepchild – Laurence Maroney (RB, Patriots
  7. Backyard Alleycats – Anquan Boldin (WR, Cardinals)
  8. Snowbad – Rudi Johnson (RB, Bengals)
  9. Dirty Old Man – Drew Brees (QB, Saints)
  10. Damage Incorporated – Wes Welker (WR, Patriots)
  11. The Four Horsemen – Chad Johnson (WR, Bengals
  12. Parrotheads – Torry Holt (WR, Rams)

Torry Holt
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Round 4

  1. Parrotheads – Roy Williams (WR, Lions)
  2. The Four Horsemen – Jonathan Stewart (RB, Panthers)
  3. Damage Incorporated – Selvin Young (RB, Broncos)
  4. Dirty Old Man – Marvin Harrison (WR, Colts)
  5. Snowbad – Plaxico Burress (WR, Giants)
  6. Backyard Alleycats – Ben Roethlisberger (QB, Steelers)
  7. Red-Headed Stepchild – Brandon Marshall (WR, Broncos)
  8. Blitzkrieg – Carson Palmer (QB, Bengals)
  9. ICP – Ronnie Brown (RB, Dolphins)
  10. Junkyard Dawgs – Santonio Holmes (WR, Steelers)
  11. Lonestar Beer Cans – Thomas Jones (RB, Jets)
  12. Jolly Gentlemen – Darren McFadden (RB, Raiders)

Round 5

  1. Junkyard Dawgs – Edgerrin James (RB, Cardinals)
  2. ICP – Antonio Gates (TE, Chargers)
  3. Parrotheads – Kellen Winslow Jr. (TE, Browns)
  4. Backyard Alleycats – Greg Jennings (WR, Packers)
  5. Red-Headed Stepchild – Jason Witten (TE, Cowboys)
  6. Damage Incorporated – Michael Turner (RB, Falcons)
  7. Lonestar Beer Cans – Dwayne Bowe (WR, Chiefs)
  8. The Four Horsemen – Matt Forte (RB, Bears)
  9. Jolly Gentlemen – Calvin Johnson (WR, Lions)
  10. Blitzkrieg – Tony Gonzalez (TE, Chiefs)
  11. Snowbad – Donovan McNabb (QB, Eagles)
  12. Dirty Old Man – Dallas Clark (TE, Colts)

Round 6

  1. Dirty Old Man – Lee Evans (WR, Bills)
  2. Snowbad – Willie Parker (RB, Steelers)
  3. Blitzkrieg – Laveranues Coles (WR, Jets)
  4. Jolly Gentlemen – Chris Cooley (TE, Redskins)
  5. The Four Horsemen – Vikings Defense
  6. Lonestar Beer Cans – Derek Anderson (QB, Browns)
  7. Damage Incorporated – LenDale White (RB, Titans)
  8. Red-Headed Stepchild – Chargers Defense
  9. Backyard Alleycats – Todd Heap (TE, Ravens)
  10. Parrotheads – Fred Taylor (RB, Jaguars)
  11. ICP – Hines Ward (WR, Steelers)
  12. Junkyard Dawgs – Jaguars Defense

Mock Draft - Mock Draft Fantasy Football

Round 7

  1. Backyard Alleycats – Felix Jones (RB, Dallas Cowboys
  2. Damage Incorporated – Jeremy Shockey (TE, Giants)
  3. Lonestar Beer Cans – Steelers Defense
  4. Dirty Old Man – Patriots Defense
  5. Red-Headed Stepchild – Chris Chambers (WR, Chargers
  6. Snowbad – Bears Defense
  7. ICP – Eli Manning (QB, Giants)
  8. Parrotheads – Cowboys Defense
  9. The Four Horsemen – Matt Hasselbeck (QB, Seahawks)
  10. Blitzkrieg – Kevin Smith (RB, Lions)
  11. Jolly Gentlemen – Marc Bulger (QB, Rams)
  12. Junkyard Dawgs – Javon Walker (WR, Raiders)

Round 8

  1. Junkyard Dawgs – Julius Jones (RB, Seahawks)
  2. Jolly Gentlemen – DeAngelo Williams (RB, Panthers)
  3. Blitzkrieg – Ravens Defense
  4. The Four Horsemen – Joey Galloway (WR, Buccaneers
  5. Parrotheads – Donald Driver (WR, Packers)
  6. ICP – Giants Defense
  7. Snowbad – Ben Watson (TE, Patriots)
  8. Red-Headed Stepchild – Deuce McAllister (RB, Saints)
  9. Dirty Old Man – Rashard Mendenhall (RB, Steelers)
  10. Lonestar Beer Cans – Vernon Davis (TE, Niners)
  11. Damage Incorporated – Santana Moss (WR, Redskins
  12. Backyard Alleycats – Eagles Defense

Round 9

  1. Dirty Old Man – Jerricho Cotchery (WR, Jets)
  2. Damage Incorporated – Ryan Torain (RB, Broncos)
  3. ICP – Kevin Curtis (WR, Eagles)
  4. Junkyard Dawgs – Alge Crumpler (TE, Titans)
  5. Snowbad – Bernard Berrian (WR, Vikings)
  6. Parrotheads – Anthony Gonzalez (WR, Colts)
  7. Red-Headed Stepchild – Roddy White (WR, Falcons)
  8. Jolly Gentlemen – Buccaneers Defense
  9. Lonestar Beer Cans – Chester Taylor (RB, Vikings)
  10. Backyard Alleycats – Derrick Mason (WR, Ravens)
  11. The Four Horsemen – Nate Burleson (WR, Seahawks)
  12. Blitzkrieg – Patrick Crayton (WR, Cowboys)

Round 10

  1. Blitzkrieg – Kenny Watson (RB, Bengals)
  2. The Four Horsemen – Robert Meacham (WR, Saints)
  3. Backyard Alleycats – Isaac Bruce (WR, Niners)
  4. Lonestar Beer Cans – Bobby Engram (WR, Seahawks)
  5. Jolly Gentlemen – Adam Vinatieri (K, Colts)
  6. Red-Headed Stepchild – Donte Stallworth (WR, Browns
  7. Parrotheads – Jay Cutler (QB, Broncos)
  8. Snowbad – Vince Young (QB, Titans)
  9. Junkyard Dawgs – Ted Ginn Jr. (WR, Dolphins)
  10. ICP – Nick Folk (K, Cowboys)
  11. Damage Incorporated – Colts Defense
  12. Dirty Old Man – Vincent Jackson (WR, Chargers)

Fantasy Football Drafting - Fantasy Football Drafts

Round 11

  1. Damage Incorporated – Terry Glenn (WR, Cowboys)
  2. ICP – Ahman Green (RB, Texans)
  3. The Four Horsemen – Ray Rice (RB, Ravens)
  4. Jolly Gentlemen – Reggie Brown (WR, Eagles)
  5. Blitzkrieg – Shayne Graham (K, Bengals)
  6. Parrotheads – Jake Delhomme (QB, Panthers)
  7. Junkyard Dawgs – Seahawks Defense
  8. Snowbad – Greg Olsen (TE, Bears)
  9. Dirty Old Man – David Garrard (QB, Jaguars)
  10. Backyard Alleycats – Stephen Gostkowski (K, Patriots)
  11. Lonestar Beer Cans – Nate Kaeding (K, Chargers)
  12. Red-Headed Stepchild – Philip Rivers (QB, Chargers)

Round 12

  1. Red-Headed Stepchild – Packers Defense
  2. Lonestar Beer Cans – Jon Kitna (QB, Lions)
  3. Backyard Alleycats – Ladell Betts (RB, Redskins)
  4. Dirty Old Man – Bills Defense
  5. Snowbad – Neil Rackers (K, Cardinals)
  6. Junkyard Dawgs – Jason Campbell (QB, Redskins)
  7. Parrotheads – L.J. Smith (TE, Eagles)
  8. Blitzkrieg – Sidney Rice (WR, Vikings)
  9. Jolly Gentlemen – Matt Schaub (QB, Texans)
  10. The Four Horsemen – Heath Miller (TE,
  11. ICP – Matt Leinart (QB, Cardinals)
  12. Damage Incorporated – Mason Crosby (K, Packers)

Round 13

  1. Red-Headed Stepchild – Josh Scobee (K, Jaguars)
  2. Junkyard Dawgs – Randy McMichael (TE, Rams)
  3. Damage Incorporated – Jeff Garcia (QB, Buccaneers)
  4. ICP – Titans Defense
  5. Backyard Alleycats – Tarvaris Jackson (QB, Vikings)
  6. Dirty Old Man – Josh Brown (K, Rams)
  7. Lonestar Beer Cans – Tony Scheffler (TE, Broncos)
  8. Blitzkrieg – Kurt Warner (QB, Cardinals)
  9. Parrotheads – Phil Dawson (K, Browns)
  10. Snowbad – Raiders Defense
  11. Jolly Gentlemen – Chris Brown (RB, Texans)
  12. The Four Horsemen – David Akers (K, Eagles)

Round 14

  1. The Four Horsemen – Zach Miller (TE, Raiders)
  2. Jolly Gentlemen – Panthers Defense
  3. Snowbad – Ryan Longwell (K, Vikings)
  4. Parrotheads – Donald Lee (TE, Packers)
  5. Blitzkrieg – Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers)
  6. Lonestar Beer Cans – Broncos Defense
  7. Dirty Old Man – Desmond Clark (TE, Bears)
  8. Backyard Alleycats – Redskins Defense
  9. ICP – Marcedes Lewis (TE, Jaguars)
  10. Damage Incorporated – Ben Utrecht (TE, Bengals)
  11. Junkyard Dawgs – Robbie Gould (K, Bears)
  12. Red-Headed Stepchild – Eric Johnson (K, Saints)

Fantasy Football Rosters - Fantasy Football Lists

Final Rosters

Junkyard Dawgs
Tony Romo (QB, Cowboys)
Jason Campbell (QB, Redskins)
LaDainian Tomlinson (RB, Chargers)
Edgerrin James (RB, Cardinals)
Julius Jones (RB, Seahawks)
Steve Smith (WR, Panthers)
Santonio Holmes (WR, Steelers)
Javon Walker (WR, Raiders)
Ted Ginn Jr. (WR, Dolphins)
Alge Crumpler (TE, Titans)
Randy McMichael (TE, Rams)
Robbie Gould (K, Bears)
Jaguars Defense
Seahawks Defense

Lonestar Beer Cans

Derek Anderson (QB, Browns)
Jon Kitna (QB, Lions)
Adrian Peterson (RB, Vikings)
Jamal Lewis (RB, Browns)
Thomas Jones (RB, Jets)
Chester Taylor (RB, Vikings)
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (WR, Bengals)
Dwayne Bowe (WR, Chiefs)
Bobby Engram (WR, Seahawks)
Vernon Davis (TE, Niners)
Tony Scheffler (TE, Broncos)
Nate Kaeding (K, Chargers)
Broncos Defense
Steelers Defense

Insane Clown Passanisi

Eli Manning (QB, Giants)
Matt Leinart (QB, Cardinals)
Steven Jackson (RB, Rams)
Brandon Jacobs (RB, Giants)
Ronnie Brown (RB, Dolphins)
Ahman Green (RB, Texans)
Hines Ward (WR, Steelers)
Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Cardinals)
Kevin Curtis (WR, Eagles)
Antonio Gates (TE, Chargers)
Marcedes Lewis (TE, Jaguars)
Nick Folk (K, Cowboys)
Titans Defense
Giants Defense

Dirty Old Man

Drew Brees (QB, Saints)
David Garrard (QB, Jaguars)
Joseph Addai (RB, Colts)
Ryan Grant (RB, Packers)
Rashard Mendenhall (RB, Steelers)
Marvin Harrison (WR, Colts)
Lee Evans (WR, Bills)
Jerricho Cotchery (WR, Jets)
Vincent Jackson (WR, Chargers)
Dallas Clark (TE, Colts)
Desmond Clark (TE, Bears)
Josh Brown (K, Rams)
Patriots Defense
Bills Defense

Jolly Gentlemen

Marc Bulger (QB, Rams)
Matt Schaub (QB, Texans)
Earnest Graham (RB, Buccaneers)
Darren McFadden (RB, Raiders)
DeAngelo Williams (RB, Panthers)
Chris Brown (RB, Texans)
Randy Moss (WR, Patriots)
Andre Johnson (WR, Texans)
Calvin Johnson (WR, Lions)
Reggie Brown (WR, Eagles)
Chris Cooley (TE, Redskins)
Adam Vinatieri (K, Colts)
Buccaneers Defense
Panthers Defense


Donovan McNabb (QB, Eagles)
Vince Young (QB, Titans)
Larry Johnson (RB, Chiefs)
Rudi Johnson (RB, Bengals)
Willie Parker (RB, Steelers)
Braylon Edwards (WR, Browns)
Plaxico Burress (WR, Giants)
Bernard Berrian (WR, Vikings)
Ben Watson (TE, Patriots)
Greg Olsen (TE, Bears)
Neil Rackers (K, Cardinals)
Ryan Longwell (K, Vikings)
Bears Defense
Raiders Defense

Red-Headed Stepchild

Peyton Manning (QB, Colts)
Philip Rivers (QB, Chargers)
Willis McGahee (RB, Ravens)
Laurence Maroney (RB, Patriots)
Deuce McAllister (RB, Saints)
Brandon Marshall (WR, Broncos)
Chris Chambers (WR, Chargers)
Roddy White (WR, Falcons)
Donte Stallworth (WR, Browns)
Jason Witten (TE, Cowboys)
Josh Scobee (K, Jaguars)
Eric Johnson (K, Saints)
Chargers Defense
Packers Defense

Jason Witten
Jason Witten Photo
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Jay Cutler (QB, Broncos)
Jake Delhomme (QB, Panthers)
Frank Gore (RB, Niners)
Reggie Bush (RB, Saints)
Fred Taylor (RB, Jaguars)
Torry Holt (WR, Rams)
Roy Williams (WR, Lions)
Donald Driver (WR, Packers)
Anthony Gonzalez (WR, Colts)
Kellen Winslow Jr. (TE, Browns)
L.J. Smith (TE, Eagles)
Donald Lee (TE, Packers)
Phil Dawson (K, Browns)
Cowboys Defense

Damage Incorporated

Tom Brady (QB, Patriots)
Jeff Garcia (QB, Buccaneers)
Selvin Young (RB, Broncos)
Michael Turner (RB, Falcons)
LenDale White (RB, Titans)
Ryan Torain (RB, Broncos)
Terrell Owens (WR, Cowboys)
Wes Welker (WR, Patriots)
Santana Moss (WR, Redskins)
Terry Glenn (WR, Cowboys)
Jeremy Shockey (TE, Giants)
Ben Utrecht (TE, Bengals)
Mason Crosby (K, Packers)
Colts Defense

Backyard Alleycats

Ben Roethlisberger (QB, Steelers)
Tarvaris Jackson (QB, Vikings)
Clinton Portis (RB, Redskins)
Marion Barber (RB, Cowboys)
Felix Jones (RB, Cowboys)
Ladell Betts (RB, Redskins)
Anquan Boldin (WR, Cardinals)
Greg Jennings (WR, Packers)
Derrick Mason (WR, Ravens)
Isaac Bruce (WR, Niners)
Todd Heap (TE, Ravens)
Stephen Gostkowski (K, Patriots)
Eagles Defense
Redskins Defense

The Four Horsemen

Matt Hasselbeck (QB, Seahawks)
Marshawn Lynch (RB, Bills)
Jonathan Stewart (RB, Panthers)
Matt Forte (RB, Bears)
Ray Rice (RB, Ravens)
Reggie Wayne (WR, Colts)
Chad Johnson (WR, Bengals)
Joey Galloway (WR, Buccaneers)
Nate Burleson (WR, Seahawks)
Robert Meacham (WR, Saints)
Heath Miller (TE, Steelers)
Zach Miller (TE, Raiders)
David Akers (K, Eagles)
Vikings Defense


Carson Palmer (QB, Bengals)
Kurt Warner (QB, Cardinals)
Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers)
Brian Westbrook (RB, Eagles)
Maurice Jones-Drew (RB, Jaguars)
Kevin Smith (RB, Lions)
Kenny Watson (RB, Bengals)
Marques Colston (WR, Saints)
Laveranues Coles (WR, Jets)
Patrick Crayton (WR, Cowboys)
Sidney Rice (WR, Vikings)
Tony Gonzalez (TE, Chiefs)
Shayne Graham (K, Bengals)
Ravens Defense

Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer Photo Enlargement
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