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The best fantasy football forums have a lot of veteran fantasy football players who post a lot and love to discuss the NFL and fantasy football, but also welcome serious new fantasy football owners onto their message boards. Some of the fantasy football forums on the Internet are a little too cliquish, as if the people posting on that fantasy football site are the people who discovered – or at least perfected – the art of fantasy football.

That’s nonsense, of course. Just because someone hasn’t been posting on a particular fantasy football online discussion group, that doesn’t mean that person has never played the game or doesn’t know as much as the longtime posters on a message board. I’ve never been much for posting on a fantasy football websites – I’m more of a lurker myself – but I’ve read a whole lot of message boards and I have definite opinions on each of them I’ve read.

So I’ll try to make my reviews based on the expectations of the message board frequenter: those looking for fantasy football information, fantasy football advice or fantasy football friends.

Rotoworld Forums

Rotoworld is one of the best fantasy football news sites on the Internet, and it offers several fantasy football forums. General fantasy talk takes place at the “Fantasy Football Talk” forum, while the “Assistant Coach Help Forum” is where you go to get advice on making a trade, figuring out who to start, pickup or keep in a keeper league, or even get a rating on your current fantasy football roster.

The Rotoworld Forums also offer league finder services, a place to talk about the $100,000 Fantasy Challenge hosted by NBC and Rotoworld, as well as a forum with nothing but 2009 Fantasy Football Rankings.

Shark Tank Message Board

The Shark Tank Message Board at Fantasy Football Sharks offers “The Main Tank”, which houses general NFL and NFL player topics. The “Football Feeding Frenzy Tank”, as it’s sometimes called, offers a section player can ask trade, waiver or draft questions, “Who Should I Start?” question, IDP talk, Dynasty & Keeper league discussions, individual fantasy football team talk for all 32 NFL teams, mock drafts, team ratings and the “Commissioner’s Corner”, where fantasy football league commissioners go to rant.

Fantasy Football Today Forums

“Fantasy Football Today” offers the “FF Today Board”, to discuss NFL breaking news and fantasy football talk. You can also use the Fantasy Football Today ff resources like the cheatsheet compiler, find a league, fill a league, mock drafts, geek leagues or the “a little help” section, where you post fantasy football questions for the forum members to answer. If you’re a member of the FF Today Forums, you can post answers to these very same questions.

Huddle Fantasy Football Forums

The Huddle Fantasy Football message boards also have a general fantasy football forum, which gets most of the traffic. You can find news about injuries, benchings and trends on this forum. There is also an IDP forum, as well as a message board you can post your “who to bench” and “who to start” type questions.

Like many online forums that deal with some esoteric hobby, the forum posters at the Huddle tend to be clannish, have longtime in-jokes and tend to dislike “newbs”. If you’re easily offended by people lording the fact they have made 11,000 posts about fantasy football on a website, the Huddle Forums are not for you. If you don’t mind paying your dues, just remember that they are intentionally misspelling the word “moron” – don’t correct the word “moran” or you’ll be laughed off the Huddle message boards.

Fantasy Football Message Boards and Forums

Fantasy football forums are great to spend time with other fantasy footballers, if your local leagues don’t have owners who like football camaraderie and locker room talk. Mostly, fantasy football message boards are great for ff players who want to post questions about who to start, who to bench, who to pick up in free agency and whether a trade is fair, foul or just not in your best interests.

So go to a fantasy football website and use their forum to get an outside opinion when you can’t decide whether to make that trade – because everyone in your league has a vested interest and can’t be trusted to give an honest fantasy football opinion.

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