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Fantasy Football on FOX Sports

FOX Fantasy Football offers expert analysis, research tools, real-time scoring, a draft guide and much more. When the 2008 fantasy football season begins, the FOX site will calculate the scores and instantly update each team�s record, leaving you free to worry about the big decisions like trading and who to start/who to bench.

Public leagues allow you to jump right into the action at FOX Sports Fantasy Football, while private leagues exist for players who desire a greater degree of control.

Registration begins in June, with the first draft being held on July 7th. While the NFL season begins on September 4th, fantasy drafts will continue until September 28th. Most playoffs begin the week of December 4th, and the FOX MSN fantasy football season continues until December 28th.

The best part is that it�s absolutely free. In fact, you can join up to five fantasy football leagues without having to spend a penny. No prizes are available for league winners, but the site does run promotional contests from time to time. For example�

Free FOX Fantasy Football Contest

FOX Fantasy Football - FoxSports Fantasy Football This season, FOX Fantasy Football is offering players a chance to win lunch with LaDainian Tomlinson. After registering and drafting a team, each league owner will then be entered into the sweepstakes. Players can also recommend friends to the league, and they�ll receive an entry for each friend who successfully registers. All entries are due by Friday, September 26th.

Two grand prizes are available, and both include a four-day/three-night trip for two to San Diego. The winner will receive $500 in spending money and have the opportunity to eat lunch with LaDainian Tomlinson (for up to two hours). The total retail value of this prize package is $3,400.

Fifty runners-up will also receive an autographed Wilson NFL football, personally signed by LaDainian Tomlinson. The retail value of this prize is $50.

Joining a FOX Fantasy Football League

When you visit the FOX Fantasy Football home page, all you have to do is click on the button labeled �Join a League.� From there, you�ll be asked to choose from three different available fantasy football leagues. These are:

  • Public League – These leagues use default rules and are ideal for beginners. Just select a style of draft and the desired draft time, and you�ll be placed in an appropriate league with players from all over the planet.
  • Private League – Anyone can create a private league, but other owners must be invited in order to participate. Private leagues are perfect for friends and co-workers looking to compete against one another. These leagues may also offer custom scoring and other variations not found in public leagues.
  • Published League – These are private leagues which have been made public in order to fill vacant slots.

FOX Fantasy Football Draft - FOX Fantasy Football Leagues

FOXSports Fantasy Football Draft

FOX Fantasy Football has three types of drafts available. They are:

  • Live Draft – The live online draft allows players from different cities and countries to come together and build their fantasy football teams. The site keeps track of the time remaining for each pick, and the computer can even select a team based on pre-draft rankings (in the event that a player can�t attend). While picks are being made, you can even discuss them in the live chat room.
  • Offline Draft – If the members of your fantasy football league live close together, you might consider getting them all together for an offline draft. Afterwards, the roster for each team can easily be entered onto your league�s page.
  • Automated Draft – In this draft option, each owner pre-ranks players, and the computer then makes selections on that basis. If you choose this option, it�s important that everyone makes their pre-draft selections, otherwise the computer will make picks based on default rankings (and you could end up taking a tight end in the fifth and sixth rounds).

Fantasy Football Trades

Once your FOX Fantasy Football League has kicked off, you may want to consider making trades to improve your team. When proposing a trade, you can also send the owner a note about the trade, and you can also select the length of time before the offer expires. Trade proposals can also be withdrawn at any time.

Once the trade has been proposed, the other owner will receive an email. At this stage, the owner has the option to accept or decline the trade offer. If they decline the trade, then the process is finished. If they accept, then the trade moves into a review period (unless the Commissioner has selected the No Review option, in which case it�s processed immediately).

Normally, either the Commissioner must approve the trade, or the entire league gets a chance to vote on it. If the trade is approved, then it will be processed by the site, and both teams will receive their new players.

FOX Fantasy Football Feature

FOX Sports Fantasy Football - FOX Fantasy Sports The FOX Fantasy Football site has a number of features to make your league more fun and efficient.

The best of these may be the GameTrax live scoring feature, allowing you to monitor your team�s progress in real-time via the Internet. Fantasy football news and fantasy football advice are also available through the site.

Other features include (but are not limited to):

  • Messages – Keep in touch with other players in your league. An excellent tool for talking a little smack.
  • Transactions – Allows you to monitor trades and all free agent moves made by your opponents.
  • Polls – A fun option which allows you to gauge opinions on any subject you choose.
  • League Story – A great place to post stories and news. You can also create captions and upload pictures.

FOX Auto Racing

In addition to offering fantasy football, FOX also has a fantasy NASCAR league. It�s lots of fun and totally free to play.

You gain points based on the finishing position of your drivers, and games are split into two 18-week segments. During each race, you�ll select four drivers to represent your team. Each driver can be selected a maximum of four times during a segment.

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