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More Fantasy Football Games

Besides fantasy football leagues, there are all kinds of other fantasy football games in a season to enhance your football watching experience. I’ll go over some of the most common or most enjoyable fantasy football game experiences you can have right now, either with your fantasy football league, with your friends at the bar or all on your own.

Last Man Standing Contest – Survivor Pool Game

The “Last Man Standing” is the most common and famous of the games that fantasy football leagues play in-season. Many fantasy football league websites have the option for players to make their last man standing pick every week, so you’ll have an easy record of who won your last man standing contest. Survivor pools are popular enough that I’ve heard of local bars that have their last man standing contest, with people calling the bartender every week to make their picks.

Here’s how a last man standing game works.

Every week, everyone makes a pick on a team they bet will win straight up. For instance, if you think the Dallas Cowboys will win, your last man standing pick for the week would be the Dallas Cowboys. If the Boys win, you remain alive in the last man standing game. Everyone who makes a correct pick remains alive or “remains standing”. The contest goes on like this until only one person remains, with the last person standing winning the prize pool.

One common stipulation with the survivor pool is that you can only select an NFL team once per contest. So if you picked the Dallas Cowboys to win one week, you wouldn’t be able to pick the Cowboys as your survivor pool pick for the remainder of that contest. This makes it not only harder to find winners every week, but it requires a certain amount of strategy to picking your winners. You’ll have to look ahead and see which teams play the worst NFL teams. For instance, you might have employed the strategy last year to have picked whichever team was playing the 0-16 Detroit Lions every week and won the lms contest – so long as you picked right on the weeks the Lions played their second game against division opponents – when you couldn’t have picked those teams again.

In that way, the last man standing contest often becomes about picking against one lousy NFL team – or at least that’s the strategy I would suggest. Find one or two NFL teams that stink and pick against those teams when they are playing playoff contenders.

Confidence Pool Picks

Another common fantasy football game is the “NFL Pool Picks” contest. This is where you pick the winner of every NFL game every week. The twist is that you assign a point value to your picks, in ascending order of confidence. If you win your pick, you get that point value, and the person who collects the most points throughout the season wins.

For instance, there are 16 games in Week 1 of the NFL Season. You would therefore assign a confidence rating of 1 to 16 for each NFL game you pick. If you decide that the Saints against the Lions are your favorite pick of the week, you would pick the Saints and assign a 16 value to your pick. You might pick the Patriots over the Bills, then give it a confidence rating of 15. You would continue making picks and assigning confidence ratings to those picks, until you come to the Panthers vs. Eagles game. You would pick one of those teams to win, the assign a confidence rating of 1.

In this format, if the Saints won, you would collect 16 points; if the Patriots won, you would collect 15 points; if the Eagles won and you picked them on the road, you would collect 1 point. Once again, whoever has the most picks in the year would win the NFL pool picks contest.

NFL Pool Picks

A less complicated form of the confidence pool picks game is the NFL pool picks. You simply pick every winner of every game all year, receiving a point for each win. The person with the most points at the end of the season wins the NFL pool picks. I prefer the confidence pool picks game, because you have to add a lot more strategy into your picks. Also, if you get behind, the high numbers involved give you a better chance of making up ground. But the NFL pool picks game option is good for fantasy players or NFL novices who get confused by all the numbers involved in the confidence pool.

Fantasy Sports Live Fantasy Football Contests

If your team has three or four injuries and sucks in 2009, you can still find weekly fantasy football contests that will take your attention. Fantasy Sports Live dotcom offers weekly fantasy contests where you start a full fantasy football lineup and might even have a salary cap. Whoever wins that week collects money for the contest win.

Then next week, you can choose a whole new lineup of players. With FSL, you don’t get stuck with the same old roster every single week for the rest of the year, so you can bet a little money on a perfectly legal form of online fantasy football and keep things fresh all year.