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Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson Fantasy Football Wide Receiver

The Andre Johnson fantasy football owners in 2008 had to be pleased with the big receiver from the University of Miami, after he caught 115 balls from Matt Schaub and Sage Rosenfels. Andre Johnson started the season a little slow, but when the (then 27 year old) wide receiver got hot, he stayed hot all year. In my experience as a fantasy football player, Andre Johnson is a streaky wide receiver.

He might give you low scores one week of the month, but he’ll help you win the other three weeks.

Andre Johnson Stats

Ht: 6’3″
Wt: 223 lbs
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 7-11-81
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida
College: Miami Hurricanes
NFL Team: Houston Texans

Andre Johnson – Fantasy Football Roller Coaster

In many ways, I prefer the players who tend to have huge weeks interspersed instead of the ones who score the same, but don’t go for big amounts. When those players hit, they tend to be a difference maker that week. I can’t remember many weeks that Wes Welker was the difference in me winning and losing, despite how consistent he is.

Those steady 15 points a week aren’t likely to make a difference, while a 25 point week from Andre Johnson is more likely to make a difference in the final score – despite a 5-10 point week coming the next week.

Andre Johnson Houston Texans – Fantasy Football WRs

Of course, that’s why Andre Johnson is a Top 3 receiver this year. Andre Johnson puts up huge receptions totals like Wes Welker, but he also scores touchdowns in bunches. The Houston Texans are an improving team and a solid young offense, so grab Andre Johnson in the early second round. And if Andre Johnson starts slowly like he did last year, trade for him when his fantasy football owner who drafted him in the 2nd round begins to panic.

Andre Johnson Fantasy Football

The last couple of years, Matt Schaub’s injuries haven’t slowed up Andre Johnson. That’s because Sage Rosenfels relieved Schaub and put up solid fantasy numbers – even if Rosenfels might not have been effective in a non-fantasy football capacity. In 2009, there are concerns about Andre Johnson’s backup quarterback, because it’s Rex Grossman.

Still, the knock on Rex Grossman in Chicago was that he took too many chances and threw the ball downfield too much. Grossman’s inaccuracy will mean Andre Johnson won’t catch as many balls, but he should still be good for the deep ball.

Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson

Hopefully, Matt Schaub will stay healthy for the first time in his Houston Texans career. If so, Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, Owen Daniels and Steve Slaton should have solid fantasy football years. That’s the thing with Andre Johnson. Though AJ is the elite player on the Houston Texans offense, there are other weapons that defenses have to consider when trying to shut him down.

Andre Johnson Fantasy Football Stud

Andre Johnson is 28: the prime of his career. Now is the time to have Andre Johnson on your team.

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