Drew Brees

Drew Brees Fantasy Football Quarterback

Drew Brees is the #1 quarterback in most fantasy football formats coming into the 2009 NFL Season. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering that Tom Brady broke the all-time single-season touchdown record two years ago, the last time Brady was healthy. Of course, Drew Brees came only 15 yards short of breaking another long-standing NFL passing record for a single season accomplishment – Dan Marino’s record passing yards of 5,084. Drew Brees had 5,069 passing yards in 2008.

That means Drew Brees had a monster 2008 season (along with 34 passing touchdowns), helping many fantasy football teams win their fantasy league titles. So far, Drew Brees’s fantasy football virtuosity hasn’t tranlated to a whole lot of NFL success, as the New Orleans Saints weak defense has undermined the Saints’ chances of making the NFL playoffs in 2007 and 2008.

That was following a breakout 2006 year for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints team, when new coach Sean Peyton, new quarterback Drew Brees, rookie running back Reggie Bush, rookie wide receiver Marques Colston and nationwide support in the Post-Katrina Era helped propel the New Orleans Saints to the NFC Championship Game.

Since then, it’s been all about fantasy football for Drew Brees. Let’s take a look at Brees’ biographical stats, then we’ll get into the fantasy football preview for Drew Brees in 2009.

Drew Brees Stats

Ht: 6’0″
Wt: 201 lbs
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 1-15-79
Place of Birth: Austin, Texas
College: Purdue Boilermakers
NFL Team: New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees Fantasy Football 2009

Drew Brees went in the first round in most fantasy football drafts in 2009, and he was almost always either the first or second quarterback taken (along with Tom Brady). Barring injury, there’s really nothing to make you think Drew Brees won’t have a huge 2009 fantasy football season. Brees’ list of weapons is as good as any in the NFL: Marques Colston, Reggie Bush, Jeremy Shockey, Lance Moore, Pierre Thoams, Devery Henderson, Mike Bell and Robert Meachem.

Given that Brees started the NFL with the lowly Detroit Lions in town and posted 6 TDs in that game, most people who spent a 1st rounder (or those lucky few who got Drew Brees as a 2nd rounder) are pretty pleased with their pick so far.

Drew Brees Saints QB – Fantasy Football 2009

Drew Brees is the Saints player you want in fantasy football. While Brees has plenty of production, he spreads around the ball. That means that players like Lance Moore are good #3 wide receivers or flex starters on your fantasy football team, but you shouldn’t be relying on him to carry your team.

Meanwhile, Marques Colston, who’s often drafted high enough (3rd round) to be your team’s #1 wide receiver, is usually better suited to be your #2 wide receiver. Marques Colston will put up big totals, but there will be weeks when Colston takes a back seat to Lance Moore, Jeremy Shockey and even Reggie Bush in the passing game.

Drew Brees Fantasy Football Scouting Profile

Despite having a productive college career, Drew Brees fell out of the 1st round of the NFL Draft because he was considered too short and he didn’t have a strong enough NFL arm. It’s a testament to Drew Brees’s career at Purdue that he was the 1st pick of the 2nd round for the San Diego Chargers during the Marty Schottenheimer regime. Drew Brees looked to be a bust his first season as the Chargers starter, but eventually led one of the NFL’s best offenses in San Diego. Hedging their bets, the San Diego Chargers drafted Philip Rivers with the 4th overall pick in the NFL Draft, so it was only a matter of time before Brees would be pushed out of San Diego.

That came after Drew Brees led the Chargers to the NFL Playoffs, but suffered an arm injury.

Drew Brees New Orleans Saints

As a free agent coming off arm surgery, Drew Brees received less attention from NFL teams than one would have expected. Once again, a 6’0″ quarterback didn’t impress many NFL GMs. Since Drew Brees landed with the New Orleans Saints, though, he’s led one of the NFL’s best offenses in the 3+ years since.

Drew Brees has three things that offensive coordinators love. One, he’s an accurate passer, making the Saints offense efficient. Two, Drew Brees is mobile, allowing him to evade the rush and give his receivers a little extra time to get open. Three, Drew Brees is the son of a coach, meaning that Drew Brees is a smart football player. Besides, Drew Brees has a quick release.

So Drew Brees comes into the 2009 with an arsenal of weapons, good football instincts, accuracy, a quick release and the mobility to evade the rush. That offsets the big knocks against Drew Brees throughout his career – a weak arm and too short. Given the impressive 6-touchdown Week 1 performance against the Lions, it looks like Drew Brees will anchor any fantasy football starting lineup in 2009.