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Fantasy Football Projections

Fantasy Football Projections 2009

Every week, we’ll be making fantasy football projections and predictions based on the best matchups of the week and updated injury information. Fantasy football is different every week, and often playing the weekly matchup helps you win games you otherwise wouldn’t win. If you have Adrian Peterson on your roster, you know to start him regardless of the team he’s playing against. You won’t get fantasy football projections to start Adrian Peterson here, except in the rarest of situations where he’s my pick of the week (like when he plays the Lions).

You should know to start players like Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Calvin Johnson , Larry Fitzgerald and Jason Witten every week. Our fantasy football projections will dip into the second and third tier of fantasy players, trying to find surprisingly good matchups and waiver wire possibilities.

Fantasy Football Weekly Projections

Most teams don’t have Adrian Peterson in their lineup. Even if you do, most leagues start 8 or 9 players, so you’ll end up with one or two spots you aren’t certain about. So come here for our fantasy football projections every week to get the inside scoop on who to start.

If you don’t have the best fantasy player at a position, it’s best to try to play the matchups. This is especially important when talking to team defenses and late-season starts, when the injuries and the weather begins to have its biggest effect on games.

Sometimes, the numbers lie, such as when a top defense loses 1-2 starters to injury or suspension, or a lousy defense gets a couple of injured guys back in the lineup. We’ll try to find those trends and report them to you every week in our fantasy projection segment.

Fantasy Football Predictions

Heck, those gamblers out there might even find some decent betting information from our fantays football projections, though I wouldn’t suggest you make too many bets on NFL games – the Las Vegas oddsmakers know more than the rest of us, so it’s a bad way to make an extra dollar. You might say our information is for entertainment purposes and does not claim to offer insiders insight. Gamble at your own risk, my friends.

Fantasy Sports Live Projections

This segment might end up replacing our weekly Fantasy Sports Live Projections, though I haven’t decided yet whether we’ll have a running Fantasy Sports Live Journal like we did last year. Shane got a little frustrated playing against some of the big fish on FSL, so I’ll have to make the picks myself if we go that route this year. Still, I wouldn’t mind the challenge, at least if I don’t lose too much money.

You might not know, but Fantasy Sports Live is a legal way to gamble online, because it’s not really considered gambling. That’s because FSL is considered fantasy football and therefore a game of skill, where you play against other fantasy players – not the house. Each week, you choose a whole new lineup and play 1 to 9 other players in fantasy contests.

Because Fantasy Sports Live requires you finding one or two lesser known players to get under a salary cap (in certain contests), our weedly online fantasy football projections might help you find decent matchups to help you stay under the salary cap limits on your FSL contests.

However you enjoy our fantasy football projections, I hope you have a great fantasy football season and keep reading our latest projections list all year.

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