Fantasy Football Bye Schedule

2008 Bye Weeks

The 2008 fantasy football bye schedule is one of the most important resources for owners. Sure, youíll come to your draft with a fantasy football schedule and fantasy football cheat sheet, but a list of NFL bye weeks can also be critical to the success of your team.

For example, letís say youíre getting ready to draft your second wide receiver, and there are two players who youíve ranked very close together. A quick look at the bye schedule for each shows that one receiver is off the same week as your number-one wideout, while the other isnít on his bye until a month later. Since your rankings basically have them at 1A and 1B, the smart move is to draft the second option.

Of course, some fantasy football experts will also look closely at value before making such a decision. Letís say you expect your number-one receiver to be a Top 10 player. When itís time to take a second starting receiver, you find that a projected Top 15 receiver has fallen to you. After checking the bye schedule, you realize heís off the same week as your other receiver, but his value may be too great to pass up. You can start the two receivers every week with confidence, and then rely on later round picks or waiver wire players to get you through the bye week.

Hereís the complete 2008 fantasy football bye schedule. Keep in mind that bye weeks do not start until Week 4, and they end after Week 10.

Week 4 Byes

Fantasy Football Bye Schedule - 2008 Bye Weeks

Week 5 Byes

Week 6 Byes

Week 7 Byes

Week 8 Byes

Week 9 Byes

Week 10 Byes

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