Best Fantasy Football Sites

Best Fantasy Football Websites

The best fantasy football sites online are the websites which not only update with the latest fantasy football news, but offer updated fantasy football analysis based on the latest injuries and NFL personnel moves. The NFL season is full of natural ups-and-downs due to match-ups, injuries and personality disputes, so if you want to play the best fantasy football players any give week on your team, you want as much fantasy football information on one website as possible.

I have several favorite fantasy football websites I want to point out. I’m not saying these are the best, because new fantasy football sites are uploaded to the Internet every year. These fantasy football sites work for me and have worked for me in the past, and each one performs a valuable function in the course of my fantasy football season.

KFFL Hot Off The Wire

I mentioned this one in an article yesterday, before I decided to write an article on the best fantasy football sites. But I want to mention KFFL and their “Hot Off the Wire” reports again. KFFL is a fantasy sports website that offers news updates from around the country on a variety of American sports: from NFL football to MLB baseball to Nascar. The KFFL Hot Off The Wire feature off their football link gives you the ability to look at all the NFL news and injury notes from around the country.

KFFL’s news scope is extensive. Pretty much any important NFL note that hits the wire gets posted to “KFFL’s Hot Off The Wire”. It’s one-stop shopping for the fantasy football researcher. You’ll hear everything from “Adam Schefter of Blankety-Blank News says…” to the local sports media notes on nearby NFL teams.

My Fantasy League – Fantasy Football League Management

My favorite fantasy football league management resource is “My Fantasy League”. MFL offers the most customizable fantasy football league resources available online, with so many options that one or two or our more simple-minded league owners over the years have complained. While My Fantasy League has idiosyncratic drop-down menus and site navigation tools, these are learned quickly by anyone curious about what-all this fantasy football website has to offer.

Commissioner can sculpt just the kind of fantasy football league they want, with exactly the kind of fantasy football scoring system your league members would like. You can set up a league schedule, league playoffs and division set-up in an endless variety. For instance, one league of ours had an argument over a 3 divisions of 4 format or a 4 divisions of 3 format one year. As a joke, I suggested 6 divisions of 2 – and that got voted in. Unfortunately, that foolish fantasy football league was using CBSSportsline, so they couldn’t accommodate such an odd division alignment. My Fantasy League easily would do so.

Where “My Fantasy League” excels, though, is with the player stats format. You can look at player stats for all league player, free agents, players on one team, Top 30, Top 100, Top 500 and several levels in between each. You can look at player stats for any given week or any group of weeks. You can look up players stats up to two years into the past, to track trends or see who ended last year on an upswing. These player stats indicate which are free agents and which team they are on.

Click on an individual players stats and you’ll receive all the news on that player from KFFL, all the way up to a year in the past. You’ll feel like you have all the information you want to add a fantasy football player to your roster – and all within mere seconds.

The best thing about My Fantasy League is the attention they pay to their customers. Whenever I have a question, MFL replies within an hour or two of my email being sent. I’m still waiting for a reply to a question I made to CBSSportsline back in 2002.

Oh, and My Fantasy League costs about half ($80 or $90) what some of the other big fantasy football league management sites cost. Guess you can charge less when you don’t have to pay Boomer Esiason to shill for your lousy fantasy football website every Sunday in the Fall.

Fantasy Football in the Huddle

The Huddle fantasy football website touts itself as “NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets, Rankings, Advice & Projections”, which gets pretty close to what you can expect from the Huddle. Actually, that doesn’t cover everything.

For instance, before my drafts every year, I go to the Huddle Depth Charts and print off their latest depth charts for the quarterback, running back, tight end, wide receiver and field goal kicker positions. Two pages and I know I have a pretty close estimation of what NFL team depth charts are going to look like. And since the Huddle staff updates every new depth chart change, I can draft with every confidence I’m adding the backup and not the 4th string running back.

You also can print off NFL schedules, read articles on draft strategy and look at the Huddle’s yearly “Strength of Schedule Report” – which isn’t team-by-team, but position-by-position. Yes, you now can target the quarterback who has the easiest schedule against the pass.

The Huddle Fantasy Football site also has an active fantasy football forums and fantasy football message board. You can get info on the latest news from each NFL town, since the forums have fantasy footballers and football fanatics from every NFL city. Newbie fantasy football players can go to the fantasy football who-to-start message board and ask roster questions of veteran ff-players, while you can also look at NCAA football forums and IDP advice.

Draft Sharks Fantasy Football

I mentioned Draft Sharks yesterday, too, but I don’t want to leave Drafthsharks out in the best fantasy football websites list. Draftsharks offer fantasy football articles, player profiles, fantasy football forums, an MVP weekly report and an MVP board and lots of fantasy football news updates.

My favorite part of Draft Sharks Fantasy Football is their detailed analysis of rankings. Instead of just getting a list of ranked fantasy football players, you get several paragraphs on why Draft Sharks thinks these players deserve their rankings – generally more (and more recent) than what you’ll find in a fantasy magazine.

I don’t always agree with Draft Sharks prediction. Sometimes, I absolutely disagree with Draftsharks rankings, but I respect the thought process that goes into them. Draft Sharks is worth the $40 a year subscription, if nothing else for their 1st round bust of the year – something Draftsharks hits on at signicantly higher than 50% of the time. Save yourself the fantasy football heartache and know who not to draft in the first round of fantasy football drafts every year.

Fantasy Football Toolbox

“Fantasy Football Toolbox” is another solid fantasy football expert website. FantasyFootballToolbox offers detailed fantasy football cheat sheets and mock draft results, a fftoolbox podcast and tools for fantasy league commissioners, like the draft order generator and fantasy football team name generator. One of the FF Toolbox’s best features is their “Ask the Experts” feature, where you can ask real fantasy football experts your burning fantasy football questions.

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