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Fantasy Football Trophies

Fantasy Football Trophy Ideas

Money is nice, but the best fantasy football leagues also award fantasy football trophies to the league winners. A fantasy football trophy can be straightforward and dignified, or it can be something outrageous. In fact, I’ve heard wives of league members say they hoped their husbands would lose, so they didn’t have to have “that stupid trophy” on their mantlepiece.

That’s usually the case with funny fantasy football trophies, because most fantasy football trophies are inconspicuous and fit quite nicely on a man’s trophy display. Whatever a fantasy trophy looks like, the best fantasy football trophies have a place to records the names of the yearly fantasy champions.

Fantasy Trophy Champion Names

Most fantasy football trophies have a place to engrave the names of every year’s league champions. This is a great way to see which teams have been the most dominant in league history, because you see a champion’s name displayed multiple times.

In my oldest, longest-running and most prestigious league, I’m proud every year to see my team name on the trophy four times (though I would like to step up and get that fifth ring, since it’s been a little while).

Many fantasy football trophies also display a football player running, throwing or catching the ball, though not all trophies I’ve seen have such a theme. While these are nice additions, I would suggest the team name engravings are the best way to personalize a league trophy.

Fantasy Football Plaques

Other leagues use fantasy football plaques. Fantasy champions plaques are similar to fantasy football trophies, but plaques dispense with an grand depictions of football and get straight to the league champions names. Fantasy football plagues tend to have more space for names, and therefore are more likely to work over a longer period of time.

I’m in one league that has a fantasy football trophy for the “league champion” – that is, the person who wins the fantasy playoffs. The same league awards a fantasy football plaque to the yearly winner of the overall points title. Interestingly, the fantasy football trophy carries a lot more prestige in that league, though we all know that playoff titles often reflect luck, while the overall points winner tends to reflects the best team in the league that year.

More Fantasy Football Trophy Ideas

There are all kinds of ideas for fantasy football trophies. Besides the standard store-bought plaques and trophies, you can make your own fantasy football trophy. For instance, one league I play in uses an old football helmet as its trophy. The helmet is mounted on a wooden block, so it stands up and stays in place.

Every year, the league champion takes out a black sharpie pen and signs their name and team name on the white football helmet, as well as the year the player won the league. Because it’s an old helmet on a wooden block, this is the league that the wives hate the trophy in their house.

Funny Fantasy Football Trophies

Another league I’m in, the “Insane League”, uses a straightjacket as the trophy. Once again, league champions sign their name and the year they won the league with a sharpie pen. Because we laugh at the team name of one league member, Captain What’s His Nuts, we call the straightjacket “The Captain’s Jacket”.

In fact, there is a monogram of the Captain’s logo, a wax dummy sea captain, on the lapel. It’s classic.

There are all kinds of funny fantasy football trophies you can use, though. One classic funny fantasy football trophy idea is the commode seat for the “Toilet Bowl” playoffs. The toilet bowl playoffs are usually reserved for team who didn’t make the playoffs, but who still want to have something to watch on Sunday. In one league, we create an inverted bracket where the worst teams get byes and have a toilet bowl showdown.

Another good idea for fantasy football trophies is to name your trophy something funny. For instance, in my main league, we had a schism after the third year of the league, where about half the guys went one direction and half went the other. We got a whole new trophy and named it after the leader of the other faction to mock our departed friend. It’s called the Taylor Award.

What’s funny, about ten years later, “Taylor” rejoined the league. We all get a good laugh out of the trophy name now, while Taylor takes a little bit of pride in having the trophy named after him.

ESPN Fantasy Football Trophies

For those who want to commemorate the best player of the week or the worst team of the week, you can purchase relatively inexpensive ESPN fantasy football trophies. While you’ll find ESPN fantasy football trophies that cost over a hundred dollars and look deluxe, you can also buy an ESPN fantasy football trophy for about $15 which you can award for all kinds of funny awards or gag fantasy football trophies.

These can be for accomplishments or failures, such as the best sleeper of the week, best sleeper pick of the draft or best overall draft. For those fantasy teams which really suck, you can give awards for the “Fumble of the Week”.

Fantasy Football Awards

Other ideas for gag trophies include the whiner trophy for the league owner who is the biggest cry-baby in the league. Every league has the rules lawyer who complains about the trades being made, or the trade offers being made to him. Give this player a whiner award.

You can also give out fantasy football awards for the Most Valuable Player of the year. This often works as a consolation for the team that had a good season with the game’s most dominant player that year, but didn’t have the team (or the luck) to win the championship game. It often happens that the best fantasy player doesn’t end up on the league champion.

For that team who gets the fantasy MVP player multiple times, but doesn’t win the league, you can tease them about not being able to put the right team around their star players.

Fantasy Football Rings

Fantasy owners can even purchase fantasy football rings from any number of online fantasy football ring vendors. Fantasy football rings are made to look similar to NFL Super Bowl Champion rings.

Watch out, though. Other owners in your league are likely to poke fun of you if they ever learn you actually wear the ring out to anything but next year’s fantasy football draft. Still, fantasy football rings are nice to put in a display case, as an unobtrusive alternative to a gaudy fantasy football trophy.

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