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Spend a little time searching on the Internet, and you�re bound to come across some football flash games. Of course, these games vary in quality, and you probably don�t want to waste a bunch of time just to find one that disappoints.

Therefore, I�ve done all the hard work and posted football flash game reviews for the various items available. That way, you can jump right into the fun without having to spend all your time on Google. Good luck, and here�s hoping you set a new high score.

Flag Football Flash Games

How to Play

To begin with, you must select your team. As far as I could tell, there was no difference between the teams (other than the names, of course). The following are available:

  • San Francisco Wildcats
  • Carolina Pounders
  • Chicago Bulldogs
  • New England Hornets
  • Pittsburgh Panthers

Football Flash Game Reviews - Football Flash GamesAfter you have selected your team, you will then be asked to select a team for the computer. Next, you�ll get to pick your level of difficulty (rookie, pro, all-star).

Your team will then take possession of the ball. Each down, you�ll be able to select one of ten offensive plays (plus the option to punt or try a field goal). Regular football rules apply. You have four downs to score or get another first down. If you fail to achieve this, the opposing team takes control of the ball.

When punting or kicking a field goal, a red line will quickly move up and down. Press the spacebar when the line is at its highest point, and you�ll get more power from your kick. Then a blue line will move sideways. Hitting the spacebar again will complete the kick. To kick straight ahead, you�ll want to stop the blue line as close to the red line as possible.

On defense, you�ll be able to select from the same 10 offensive plays. If you select the same play that the computer runs, your defenders will move unblocked to the quarterback, and you�ll most likely get a sack.

Offensive Controls

  • Spacebar (Snaps ball)
  • Arrows or A,S,D,W keys (move your player)
  • Mouse click (throws the ball – where you point the cursor determines where the ball will land)

Defensive Controls

  • Spacebar (cycles through available defenders)
  • Arrows or A,S,D,W keys (move your player)
  • Mouse click (selects the closest player to the ball)

Useful Information

  • Be sure to lead the receiver.
  • Not all players are available at all times.
  • In order to tackle the ball carrier, move your defensive player into them.
  • The playing field is 60 yards long.
  • There are four quarters. Each quarter lasts two minutes.
  • If one team scores, the other team gets the ball on the 8 yard line. There are no kickoffs.
  • Caught punts may be returned. Otherwise, the ball is dead where it lands.
  • After each play, the clock will stop.
  • The field contains three first-down lines.

Review – Flag Football Flash Game

I played this game on the rookie level and found it to be more challenging than expected. In fact, I never even completed a pass. Either I overthrew my receivers, or my quarterback got sacked. The controls are simple but clunky, and everything happens really fast (just like in the NFL). I do better playing Madden, and I also stink at that. Maybe you�ll have better luck than I did, but those searching for a relaxing (and easy) game should look elsewhere.

Ultimate Football Flash Games

How to Play

You move the quarterback to the left or right, while an endless number of offensive and defensive players run past you. The objective is to complete passes to your teammates, while avoiding incompletions and interceptions. When you�ve thrown five incomplete passes, the game ends. The game can also end when the 5-minute clock on the screen counts down to zero.


  •  Left and Right arrow keys (moves your quarterback back and forth)
  • Space Bar (passes the ball straight ahead)

Useful Information

  • The further away the receiver is, the more you will need to lead him.
  • Short completions are worth 50 points.
  • Medium completions are worth 100 points.
  • Long completions are worth 200 points.
  • Interceptions deduct 25 points from your score.
  • Be careful when pressing the spacebar. Hitting it twice in a row will lead to an incomplete pass.

Review – Ultimate Football Flash Games

The name of the game is simplicity. There�s not much to Ultimate Football, but I still liked it better than the Flag Football game. I at least felt as though I didn�t completely suck at this one. Also, the game�s background music sounds like something you�d hear on Headbanger�s Ball in the late 80s/early 90s. Not a bad way to kill some time.

VR Quarterback Challenge Flash Games

How to Play

Each level requires a certain number of points to advance to the next level. You�ll score points by completing passes, and the game will become more and more challenging as you continue.


  • Arrow Keys or A,D Keys (Moves quarterback left or right)
  • Mouse Click (Throw to receivers – the ones marked with an �O�)

Useful Information

  • For maximum points, hit the �O� receivers after they�ve turned red.
  • Compete consecutive passes to boost your hype meter. This will give you bonus points for each completion.
  • Throwing an interception will drain points and time off the board.
  • Save often. If you fail to complete a level, you can just pick up where you left off.
  • When the game ends, you�ll be given a ranking based on your performance. The first time I played, I was ranked as a �High School Veteran.�

Review – VR Quarterback Challenge Flash Games

The game is supposed to feature the voice of former NFL pro and ESPN broadcaster Sean Salisbury, but I didn�t get any sound at all when I played. I wasn�t too thrilled with this one, as you�re not even throwing to animated receivers – just �Xs� and �Os.� Still, it does seem that someone who stinks at video games might have a chance to get a decent score, as your receivers tend to run the same patterns over and over. This predictability certainly works to your benefit. The graphics and colors are much richer than your average flash game.

Taz Football Frenzy Flash Games

How to Play

Your goal is to score as many touchdowns as possible and neutralize opponents along the way. If you jump on the head of a goon or whirl on them after eating a hotdog powerup, then you�ll get rid of them. You can get tackled three times before the game ends.


  • Arrow Keys (moves Taz up, down, left and right)
  • Spacebar (jump over players)

Useful Information

  • The only way to start whirling is to eat the hotdog powerup.
  • Watch out for rocks and other obstacles on the field. They will cause you to fall down (unless you�re whirling).
  • If you score a touchdown, you�ll get to play a bonus round. In this round, Taz begins whirling, and you have 15 seconds to spin down the field and take out as many goons as possible. If you run over a hotdog along the way, the bonus time will be slightly extended.
  • Even if you don�t score, you�ll get points for advancing down the field and avoiding obstacles and goons.
  • When Taz jumps, he leaps pretty far, so don�t worry about having to time jumps just right. The game is pretty forgiving.

Review – Taz Football Frenzy Flash Games

I liked this football flash game a lot. The animation is bright and smooth, the music is cheery, and it�s not too hard to master. I imagine this would make an excellent game for all ages, as children are sure to love the Taz tie-in. I just liked the fact that I had a relative amount of success.

Retro Electric Football Flash Games

How to Play

This game looks like one of those old vibrating football games. Basically, you try to move your team down the field to score, while preventing the other team from doing the same. Of course, the vibrating players add a new degree of difficulty, as they�re just as likely to turn and run the other direction. The rate of vibration can be controlled by a switch on the side of the game. Whether on offense or defense, you can choose various football formations.


The only control used in this game is the mouse. You can click on a player and try to drag them, although they can be difficult to control.

To pass, place the cursor where you want the ball to land and then left click.

Useful Information

  • Each quarter is 45 seconds long.
  • When a defensive player bumps into the ball carrier, they are automatically down.

Review – Retro Electric Football Flash Games

I think I would have had more luck playing the real vibrating football game. Players are unpredictable, the passing seems next to impossible, and the running game is slow and clunky. It looks novel, but the novelty quickly wears off after about 30 seconds of frustration.

Freaky Football Flash Games

How to Play

In this game, your football player must run around the field and collect cans of beans which randomly appear. When you have gotten the required number of cans, you may then advance the ball into the endzone and move to the next level. Meanwhile, you must avoid bombs on the field and opposing players who try to tackle you. When you have been tackled three times, the game is over. Each level adds additional defenders, with a maximum of three on the field at a time.


- Arrow Keys (Move your football player up, down, left and right)
- Spacebar (makes your player jump to avoid tackles)

Review – Freaky Football Flash Games

This was a really odd flash football game, as you spend most of the time going after cans of beans. Don�t know how the creators though of that one. Still, it�s bright and fun, and will probably be a big hit with kids. Adults, on the other hand, may tire of the repetitive nature of the game fairly quickly.

Scrambled Legs Flash Games

How to Play

Your player receives the kickoff and is initially protected by three blockers. Your goal is to score a touchdown by moving to the opposite end zone. Along the way, you will need to avoid defenders. If one of your blockers collides with a defender, you will lose that blocker. If a defender tries to tackle you, you can shake him loose by hitting the spacebar. Powerups include extra speed, extra hitting power for your blockers and several others. These can be found on the football field. The game ends when you are tackled.


  • Arrow Keys (move your ball carrier and blockers around the field)
  • Z and X Keys (activate power-ups which are collected on the field)

Review – Scrambled Legs Flash Games

Simple and straightforward, Scrambled Legs has a bit more strategy involved than some of the other NFL flash games. Designed for kids, this one should be able to hold the attention of an adult that�s grown tired of Solitaire and Mine Sweeper.

So there you have it. These football flash game reviews should have you well on your way towards wasting half the day at work and then getting yelled at by your boss. For more NFL flash games, be sure and check out the NFL�s site for kids called NFL Rush. They seem to have new games popping up all the time, plus there�s plenty more there for football fans of all ages.

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