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American Football University – 101 football websites or articles to help beginners learn the basic of football and longtime fans learn more about the sport they love.

Fantasy Football Draft Strategies – Tips for both fantasy football drafts and auctions.

Fantasy Football Tips – Advice on how to win your fantasy league from the fantasy draft to the league championship, including 50 tips on drafting, auctions, free agency, trades and starting line-ups.

Fantasy Football Toolbox – 77 guides, resources and articles to help a fantasy team owner beat the snot out of his opponents.

Single Wing Playbooks – An overview of the single-wing offense, a formation invention by Pop Warner and which continues to influence modern football schemes today, from spread offenses to the shotgun.

Defensive Football Plays – Schemes and alignments for blitzes and standard 4-man pass rushes, as well as an overview of the most used and most famous defenses of the past 25 years.

Football Articles - Football AdviceMore Defensive Football Plays – The second half of our defense schemes article focuses on pass coverages like the Cover 2 defense, man-to-man coverage and a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Football Gear – Covers everything from helmet to shoulder pads to shoes and gloves, including a discussion of NFL equipment managers and what each piece of gear does for the plays.

Football Flash Game Reviews – Flash games allow a person to play video football online by calling plays and directing football players in a flash game format.

NFL Mascots – Information about and pictures of NFL team mascots, starting with the Big Red of the Arizona Cardinals and ending with plain ole Blue of the Indianapolis Colts.

More NFL Mascots – More info on those whacky NFL football team mascots, from Jaxson de Ville of the Jacksonville Jaguars to Chief Zee of the Washington Redskins.

NFL Cheerleaders – We have complete coverage of the cheerleading squads of the National Football League teams, with stories and anecdotes about thirty different cheerleader units, as well as a load of pictures, of course.

College Football Fights Songs – We have a list of college football team fight songs including about 20 of the most famous NCAA fight songs in college history.

NFL Football Fight Songs – Continuing our series on football fight songs, we include the official fight songs for every NFL team (that has an official fight song).

Super Bowl History – Enjoy recaps and fun facts involving the Super Bowl I through Super Bowl XV.

50 NFL Players Turned Actors – Here’s a list of famous football stars who became actors, as well as Hollywood stars who were obscure football players.

Football Terms – A dictionary of football slang terms and phrases used by fans of the college and pro football games.

Football Movies – A list of 50 football movies or films with football action, complete with a quick synopsis or comment on each of these fine pieces of cinema.

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