Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

Cardinals Cheerleader Program

Originally formed in 1977, the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders are the official cheerleading squad for the NFL�s Arizona-based franchise.

Public appearances are also a large part of their duties, and they have been known to travel as far away as the Middle East to entertain U.S. troops stationed abroad.

Origin and Migration of the Cardinals

The oldest continuous U.S. football team, the Cardinals were first formed as the Morgan Athletic Club in 1898. Originally located in Chicago, they were later named the Racine Normals and then the Racine Cardinals.

In 1920, the team became a charter member of the NFL, and they were once again renamed. This time, they were known as the Chicago Cardinals.

During World War II, many franchises had a hard time fielding a full team. For this reason, the Cardinals and the Steelers merged during the 1944 season and were known as Card-Pitt.

In 1960, the team moved to St. Louis, Missouri and were known as the St. Louis Cardinals. A local MLB team carried the same name, so they were also known as the �Football Cardinals� or the �Grid Birds.�

After failing in an attempt to get a new stadium, the team moved to the Phoenix area in 1988. Known at first as the Phoenix Cardinals, they later started using the title of Arizona Cardinals in 1994.

Cardinals Cheerleaders Auditions

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders - Cardinals CheerleaderEach year, the Cardinals hold open auditions for any woman who wishes to try out for the squad. The only requirement is that candidates must be at least 18 years of age. Squad veterans are also required to audition every year.

Generally, several hundred women turn up for the auditions. After some group warmups, they dive right in and begin to learn the initial dance routine. Later, they are split into groups of three and perform the routine for a panel of judges.

After the choreographed routine, women are allowed to display any freestyle dance moves. This can range from classical moves learned through ballet, or more modern floor routines or cheerleading flips.

The first cuts are made in the afternoon, and girls then learn the routine more in-depth. They perform it again the next day in groups of three, and then interviews are conducted with the remaining cheerleader hopefuls.

At the end of the day, 54 candidates will be chosen to move on to the finals. Of those, only 30 to 40 will make it onto the squad.

Cardinals Cheerleader Public Appearances

The Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders can be hired for public appearances ranging from parades and autograph sessions to grand openings and photo shoots. In addition, the Arizona Cardinals Show Team is also available. This group provides everything from fire dancing to Elvis impersonations, and they�ve traveled everywhere from Egypt to Greenland.

Cardinals Cheerleaders - Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader

Arizona Cardinals Swimsuit Calendar

Each year, members of the Arizona Cardinals cheerleading squad travel to an exotic location and shoot an annual swimsuit calendar. In 2007, for example, the entire 32-girl squad journey to lovely Loreto Bay, Mexico.

Calendars can be purchased for $15, and autographed calendars can be had for $25. It usually takes two to three weeks for an order to arrive.

Famous Cardinals Cheerleaders

A number of NFL cheerleaders have went on to achieve notoriety, and one of the Cardinals squad certainly falls into that category. She is Danielle Demski, and she was voted Miss Arizona USA in 2004. Danielle served as a cheerleader while attending the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University, and she later graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. She has since went on to work for Destination TV, the Phoenix Suns and ESPN Radio.

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